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Raise awareness amongst the public about the concept of the Economy for the Common Good (ECG) and its values.

Please share in the comments below your best practice related to this focus or tell people of your plans and ideas in this area and, if relevant, invite people to collaborate. Keep in mind that this page is public.

If possible, please use English language for your comments. This helps to keep the exchange international. Don't forget to include your region and, if applicable, your hub.

This is one of the strategic focuses voted upon at the Delegates Assembly 2019. It was ranked on 1 of 29. You can find the earlier discussion about the strategic focus here.

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  1. At CE-Madrid (Spain) we are starting a project to start raising awareness of the ECG concepts amongst the very general public.

    We searched for one matter that can be easily understood by any person that may never had heard of the new economics, and that have concrete and real examples that may impact directly in these particular person's lives. And we found the concept of "decent work" (C1, C2 and C4 in the matrix). We think that, in these times of "trash work", the idea of a company deliberately choosing to treat their workers with dignity and internal democracy, fits easily in the mental frames of the current society, without "sounding greek" to the people. But it may cause a mental shock because it goes against the supposed common sense of that companies are greedy entities that only seek maximum benefit, thus causing a crack in the people's beliefs, through that we can introduce more concepts later.

    The concrete idea is to create a communications channel, with presence in social network, and publish a lot of very short posts and videos (3-4 minutes max), that may be viralized. The content will be small "pills" of good practices that are currently being done at real companies. Also some sentences and questions that may move the public to question their own beliefs and start thinking outside the box.

    The project is currently at the initial inception stage, but hope to start working in the following months.