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Create easier, additional (as well as the ECG Balance Sheet) opportunities for companies to engage in ethical behaviour and join the movement.

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  1. Anonymous

    In my opinion, the best way to convince other companies to join the movement is by ECG Companies and their General Managers explaining those new companies their experience on implementing ECG Balance Sheet as a Management Tool, as part of their Balance Scorecard, results, examples, challenges....etc

    1. Anonymous

      Definitely it would be a very strong announcement if General Mangems, CEOs  and other decision-makers would promote GWÖ/ECG and share their experiences during the process of GWÖ/ECG-balance-sheet and report! to measure the status quo and as a management-tool as well it could also be very helpful for groups doing business as usual without realizing that times are changing and neither people nor our planet coult afford going on the old way of business, for example fossil-energy as coal, extreme-oil-companies without realizing and/or the will to adjust in time of climate change and disappearing democracy... Tshow where on the scale they are and what to do GWÖ/ECG is an effective method we like to spread widely... BB  

      1. Anonymous

        BB, GWÖ-ERW (Ennepe, Ruhr & Wupper)

  2. Anonymous

    It would be interesting if a company could be recognised as close to ECG if it hosts only a particular part of the ECG balance sheet.

    1. Anonymous

      How shoud this work?
      GWÖ/ECG intends to have a 360°-focus on a company... as we want to create awareness where you are now and where you could be ... BB 

      1. Anonymous

        BB, GWÖ-ERW (Ennepe, Ruhr & Wupper)

  3. Anonymous

    (Huitchi) At one point there was talk of a website that allows the balance to make the company itself. It was suggested that it could have a complete version and a more simplified one. I understand that it is intended to be so complete that the only thing that has been achieved is that it is no longer operational. This tool could compete with B corp and could attract companies. I do not understand what is causing the delay. It could be implemented now, and extended or improved later.

    Translated with

  4. Anonymous

    I believe that the development of the balance of the common good is very extensive. How to reduce it in working hours, man hours, number of people involved, number of sheets of the final report, are fundamental issues. On the other hand, analyze how this work complements the contribution provided by the consultants and auditors, so that their activities are not disadvantaged by the fact of optimizing the development of the balance. Juan Claudio Leiva, cofounder of ECG Chile Association.

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