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Create easier, additional opportunities (to the ECG Balance Sheet) for companies to engage in ethical behaviour and join the movement.

Please share in the comments below your best practice related to this focus or tell people of your plans and ideas in this area and, if relevant, invite people to collaborate. Keep in mind that this page is public.

If possible, please use English language for your comments. This helps to keep the exchange international. Don't forget to include your region and, if applicable, your hub.

This is one of the strategic focuses voted upon at the Delegates Assembly 2019. It was ranked on 11 of 29. You can find the earlier discussion about the strategic focus here.

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  1. Anonymous

    Currently in Spain we are carrying out a self-test for companies, adapted to the 5.0 matrix and linked to the ODS. We have developed it in excell and we are trying to convert it to an App-Web. The idea is that it generates access in an easy way to many small and medium companies. (CE-Valladolid, Spain)

    1. At the CE-Madrid we also started working in a web-app to calculate the matrix. The project is currently stopped, and it moved to an international group, but if you want we can give the prototype we made so far, for you to use freely.