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Date: July 2nd, between 14:00 and 21:00 CET

If you wish to host an open space session, please add your topic to the table below (there is no need to ask us first, all topics are welcome).

Please keep the formatting consistent and ensure you include the following (please write in the language of the breakout session):


Language (if not in english)



To edit the page:

  • click edit (top right of this window),
  • make the changes you wish to add a new open space or edit an existing one you are hosting,
  • then click save (blue button, bottom right of this window),
  • if your preferred timeslot is full, feel free to add another column to the table.

All topics are in ENGLISH unless specified otherwise

As a host, it is your responsibility to take notes and share any slides or meeting notes (if appropriate) into the table after the event

2nd July 2022

Open Space

Breakout 1

Open Space - ESPAÑOL

Breakout 2

Open Space

Breakout 3

Open Space

Breakout 4

Open Space

Breakout 5

Open Space

Breakout 6

Open Space 1
15:15 - 16:00


Refinement to our Strategy

PART 1: introduction of the new visualisation

60 mins 15:15 - 16:15

(Ruth Mulandi and Christian Süßenguth)

The strategy working group is proposing a new visualisation of our strategy to help everyone in the movement to see where their work/engagement fits in and how. This is an interactive session to introduce the new map and to get input into its completion

Everything on the new visualisation and its status following the Open Spaces is here:

Strategy Map Refresh 2022

Current strategy and its KPIs:

International Strategy


EBC, El grand y el transhumanismo: Conflictos o Convergencia?


(Thilo Schmidt, Victor San Martín)

El Foro Económico Mundial y su presidente, Klaus Schwab, afirman en sus publicaciones con asombrosa franqueza que pretenden intervenir en la naturaleza del hombre y sus relaciones con los demás con todos los medios técnicos a su alcance. Los seres humanos, los animales y las plantas van a ser completamente rediseñados. La naturaleza humana está en juego.

Discutamos si el movimiento de la EBC debe posicionarse en este plano.

Acta y Presentación introductória


(Heidi Kharbhih, Daniela von Pfuhlstein and Manfred Jotter)

Open Discussion on the Label Project 


(Franz Kies)

Introduction to a Course/Game to learn how to enable the Good Life‘ for ourselves and for future generations a “Future friendly Life” in a playful way based on the ECG

For more information visit


Revitalising the structures of the movement

(Ulrike Reimann, Gaby Belz, Luciana Cornaglia)

The working group  "organisational structures", mandated by the FMC in 2021, is presenting its goals, what's been done up to now (e.g. results of the survey), its profile in cooperation with an EMT member, and its search for new members for the working group.

Revitalize our Structure Open Space.pdf

Ich liste deshalb hier auf was meiner Meinung nach dazugehört:



  • DA is about to change its role and function: more community building than decision taking
  • Many see movement on the one side and federation on the other side, e.g. two bodies instead of one
  • Members of FMC take decision with large consequences but are neither formally elected (only delegated from their associations) nor accountable vis-à-vis anyone
  • Hubs have no voice in important decisions as separate bodies (as do the national associations)






Open Space 2
16:15 - 17:00


Refinement to our Strategy

PART 2: interactive session to complete the visualisation

60 mins 16:15 - 17:15

(Ruth Mulandi and Christian Süßenguth)

Follow up to Part 1.

BACKGROUND: see above


Una vida orientada al bien común


(An Rígoli and Annie Roa)

Facilitadoras certificadas por KBW / Certified facilitators by KBW

Introducción al Curso/Juego sobre los valores de la EBC. Metodología para desafiarnos a encarnar más profundamente los valores EBC entre miembros y activistas. Potente herramienta educativa y de divulgación de los valores de la EBC en ámbitos afines, y como apoyo en el proceso de onboarding de nuevos miembros al movimiento. Basado en la metodología Enkeltauglich Leben.


Hermoso encuentro. 14 participantes: 4 de Uruguay, 3 de Chile, 1 de Colombia, 1 de México, 2 de España, 2 de Alemania y 1 de República Dominicana. Como resultado: varios inscriptos para participar del próximo juego/taller, comenzando el 26 de julio.

La sesión quedó grabada y puede verse aquí:


ECG, The great resat and transhumanism: Conflicts or convergence?

(Thilo Schmidt, Victor San Martín)

In their publications, the World Economic Forum and its chairman Klaus Schwab state with astonishing openness that they intend to intervene in the nature of human beings and their relationships with others with all the technical means at their disposal. Humans, animals and plants are to be completely redesigned. Human nature is up for disposal.

Let us discuss whether the ECG movement should position itself in this regard.

Minutes and Introductory presentation


Introduction to a Course / Game to learn how to live a climate friendly life in a playful way based on the ECG


For more information visit


International Federtion: Finance Report 2021 / Budget 2022

(Manfred Jotter)

Presentation of the figures and details of the International Federation Finance report 2021 and an introduction to budget 2022. Questions and answers





Open Space 3
17:15 - 18:00


Matrix Development Team

(Ulrike Reimann)

Informal session for open questions on the Matrix Development Team

Discussion how and on what the MET currently works + possibilities for collaboration


EBC en América Latina


(Luciana Cornaglia and Latin American team)

Te gustaría saber lo que está sucediendo en América Latina con la EBC? Te invitamos a sumarte a este espacio de diálogo en español, para compartir e inspirarnos.


Onboarding new members in local chapters

(Gus Hagelberg)

Overview for onboarding new members in Local Chapters, opportunity to ask questions.

Link to ConceptBoard for collaboration (click on "guest access")

Individual Website

(Dominic Hostettler)

This Open Space should clarify the possibilities of an individual online presence of your local chapter, or association. Like or

There are options with different features and requirements. From the IT Hub, as well as from Dominic Hostettler.

(more information on: Individual Website Service)


(Christian Felber)

Open session to connect personally and ask any question.





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