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The Delegates Assembly was established in 2012 as a body to make decisions on behalf of the ECG movement. It is the meeting of elected representatives of ECG Hubs and Local Chapters and is considered the "parliament of the movement". The Delegates Assembly (DA) is designed to enable a deeper understanding of issues of importance to the entire movement. It serves as a basis for strong, movement-wide decisions that are reported back to Local Chapters and Hubs.

The DA should provide a personal and appreciative meeting space for ECG activists and promote mutual understanding of motivation, interest in and role within the ECG movement. Decision-making is conducted by the delegates using the method "systemic consensus". Learn more about ECG Policy regarding the Delegates Assembly (*login required).

The DA 2021 will take place online with over 100 participants from 16 countries (participants list, *login required). It will begin with an opening session on May 14, then Proposal Workshops from May 15 to May 21 and concluding with a two-day conference on June 18th and 19th. The final two-day event will consist of community building, presentations from Local Chapters and Hubs, open spaces and voting on DA Proposals. Here is the list of current proposals for the DA 2021 (*login required). 

If you want to provide an Open Space please enter the details here.

Local Chapters, Associations or other groups are encouraged to organize and host local events running parallel to the official DA events. 

Discussions and changes to proposals will take place in the online commenting period leading up to the DA and during the "Proposal Workshops" during the official DA events. These workshops are official events of the DA and will replace the "Marketplaces" of previous Delegates Assemblies. The final versions of the proposals, including alternatives, will be finalized on June 6th, 2 weeks before voting takes place.


15.2. - 30.3.--Registration and Proposal Submission
30.3.--Deadline for submitting proposals
1.4. - 14.5.--Proposal Fine-tuning (online commenting, feedback, proposal changes)
14.5.18:00 - 20:00 (CET) (Program)Welcome Session - Short introductions, explanations of how DA will be run, etc. 
15. - 21.5.(Schedule)Proposal Workshops/Marketplaces - Opportunity for giving feedback and making proposal changes 
4.6.--All proposals finalized
18. - 19.6.14:00 to 21:00 (CET)(*both days(Program)Two-Day event including presentations from Local Chapters and Hubs, Community Building, Open Spaces and Voting

Participation and Registration

Delegates and guests must be members of an ECG Association and active members of a Local Chapter or Hub. Delegates must be elected by their Local Chapters or Hubs. The Delegates Assembly will be conducted in English, therefore good English skills are highly recommended.

You can apply for membership in an ECG Association here. 

Guests and delegates need an ECG Account in order to participate. You can apply for an ECG account here. Only delegates, who are elected by their Local Chapters or ECG Hubs, can vote.

(warning) Later you will find Zoom links here to a Help Desk and to a Cafe. The Cafe is designed as a meeting place for participants.


Proposals for the DA 2021 can be viewed here (*login required).

Between February 15th and March 30th delegates of Local Chapters and Hubs were able to submit proposals. Between 1.4. and 14.5. participants can comment on proposals and between 15.5. and 28.5. we will host proposal workshops (schedule below). 

Proposals must pass basic quality checks, ensuring the proposals are clear, concise, easy to understand and relevant to the entire movement. Proposals should focus on strategy and be international in scope.

There will be ample time, including online commenting and Proposal Workshops (Marketplaces), for delegates to add feedback, including changes or adaptions, to the proposals. When submitting their proposals, authors will be asked to provide detailed information including:

  • current situation in the ECG movement regarding the proposal
  • communication with affected Hubs
  • planned next steps
  • People or groups responsible for implementation

Program - Opening Session on May 14

Meeting ID: 998 5042 0722
Passcode: 047931

Friday, May 14th

18:00 - 20:00 (CET)

17:45 - 18:00

Arrival, Technical Check

18:00 - 18:10

18:10 - 18:20Introductions, Format of DA
18:20 - 18:35Breakout sessions for networking and getting to know each other
18:35 - 18:45

Introduction to Proposal Workshops

18:45 - 19:45Introduction of Proposals for DA 2021
19:45 - 20:00Outlook to June events, wrap-up

Schedule of Proposal Workshops/Marketplaces

(*All Dates and Times are in Central European Time (CET))

DateTimeEventProposal Nr. and TitleProposal AuthorFacilitatorZoom SessionHarvesting Workshops Outputs
Sat., 15.5.17:00-19:00Workshop 1

Proposal 1 - DA 2021 - Creation of the Health Hub

Dr. Christine Clar

Madlen Sanchino Martinez, Germany
Meeting ID: 960 7626 8333, Passcode: 631442

19:00-21:00Workshop 2

Proposal 2 - DA 2021 - Creation of Faith Organisations Hub

Oliver Koch

Bridget Knapper, GB

Meeting ID: 992 5395 5981
Passcode: 848201
Mon., 17.5.16:00-18:00Workshop 3

Proposal 3 - DA 2021 - Enterprise Membership Fees

Thomas Calis

Madlen Sanchino Martinez, Germany

Meeting ID: 935 0381 6133, Passcode: 401432
19:00-21:00Workshop 4

Proposal 4 - DA 2021 - Ecosystem of the ECG (EECG)

Mercé Carreras-Solanas

Gaby Belz, Switzerland

Meeting ID: 912 8847 8220
Passcode: 547212
Tues., 18.5.17:00-19:00Workshop 5

Proposal 11 - DA 2021 - Budget Process of International Federation

Johanna Donà

Joachim Grothe, Germany

Meeting ID: 919 0282 1388, Passcode: 629442
Wed., 19.5.17:00-19:00Workshop 8

Proposal 8 - DA 2021 - Creation of a new "regional" chapter or Hub for Latin America

Luciana Cornaglia

Joachim Grothe, Germany

Meeting ID: 965 9879 7473, Passcode: 889500
19:00-21:00Workshop 9

Proposal 9 - DA 2021 - Creation of ECG institution for certification of consultants, auditors, facilitators

Andreu Pérez

Sabine Lehner, Austria

Meeting ID: 984 2734 4747
Passcode: 989829
Thurs., 20.5.17:00-19:00Workshop 10

Proposal 10 - DA 2021 - Change Local Chapter status and requirements

Christian Felber and Gus Hagelberg

Gaby Belz, Switzerland

Meeting ID: 928 1435 7921, Passcode: 541442
19:00-21:00Workshop 11

Proposal 5 - DA 2021 - Finalisation of the ECB Hub structure

Dorit Binder

Thomas Schanz, Switzerland

Meeting ID: 948 1389 0775
Passcode: 156219
Fri., 21.5.17:00-19:00Workshop 12

Proposal 12 - DA 2021 - rollout, change management, adoption tracking

Jason Papadopoulos

Gaby Belz, Switzerland

Meeting ID: 958 2695 4817, Passcode: 992956

Program - Delegates Assembly on June 18 and 19

Time:  14:00 - 21:00 (CET) (both days)

Online Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 980 1286 4785
Passcode: 067264

(warning) Program coming soon...

If you have questions about the DA contact Gus Hagelberg,

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