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(ECG Delegates Assembly 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany)

The Delegates Assembly was established in 2012 as a body to make decisions on behalf of the ECG movement. It is the meeting of elected representatives of ECG Hubs and Local Chapters and a central place for making movement-wide decisions. The event is designed to enable a deeper understanding of issues of importance to the entire movement. It is a meeting space for ECG activists created to promote mutual understanding of motivation, exchange of interest and role information within the ECG movement. Decision-making is conducted by the delegates using the method "systemic consensus". Learn more about the Delegates Assembly in the ECG Governance (login required).

The Delegates Assembly 2022 will take place online with activists from across our global movement. 


  • June 3: two-hour Opening Session (online)
  • June 4 - June 10: Proposal Workshops (online)
  • July 1 and 2: two-day Main Event (online)

The July event will consist of community building, presentations from Local Chapters and Hubs, Open Spaces and voting on DA Proposals.

The Delegates Assembly will be held in English but this year we are excited to announce that we plan to offer simultaneous translations into German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese (dependent on budgeting and availability of interpreters).

ECG Local Chapters, Associations or other groups are encouraged to organize and host local events running parallel to the official DA events. 


Registration will be open until April 15. Register here:

You can register as a guest or as an elected delegate from your ECG Local Chapter or Hub.

See below for more details about participation...

Proposal Submission

Local Chapters and Hubs are invited to present proposals designed to improve and strengthen our movement. These must be submitted by a Local Chapter or Hub Coordinator by April 15th. Submit a proposal here:

See below for more details about proposal submissions...

Schedule and Program


March 1 - April 15


Registration and Proposal Submission

April 15


Deadline for Proposal Submission

April 16 - May 26


Proposal Fine-tuning
Online commenting, feedback, proposal changes

June 3

18:00 - 20:00 (CET)

Welcome Session

  • Introductions, Background and Goals of DA, Program review

  • Breakout sessions for networking and getting to know each other

  • Introduction to Proposal Workshops

  • Presentations of Proposals and Results from DA 2021

June 4 to June 10

Proposal Workshops

Opportunity for giving feedback and making proposal changes 

(*Exact days and times will be announced in May.)

June 15


All proposals finalized

July 1 to July 2

Two-day Delegates Assembly 2022 Event

July 1

14:00 - 21:00 (CET)

  • Arrival, Technical Check, Introductions, Program
  • Breakouts with participants
  • Guided Meditation 
  • Keynotes
  • Movement update, Explanation of Voting Process, Voting Begins
  • Key Projects, Organisational Structure of ECG
  • Reports from ECG Management Team (EMT), Federation Members Council (FMC) and International Working Groups
  • Q&A with EMT and FMC
  • ECG Hubs: Presentations and Breakout Sessions
  • Local Chapter Presentations
  • Networking Breakout Sessions (participants choose language)
July 2

14:00 - 21:00 (CET)

  • Presentation of Voting Results
  • Voting on members of International Coordination Team (ICT)
  • Open Spaces (self-organised workshops)

Participation and Registration

Delegates must be members of an ECG Association (apply for membership in an association), actively involved in a Local Chapter or Hub and have an ECG Account (apply for account). Delegates must be elected by their Local Chapters or Hubs.

Guests must be actively involved in an ECG Local Chapter or Hub, but do not need to have and ECG account.

The Delegates Assembly will be conducted in English, but there will be simultaneous interpretations available in German, Spanish and Italian (further languages depending on resources). Good English skills are recommended.

Register here for the DA 2022!

Submitting and Voting on Proposals

Between March 1 and April 15, 2022 delegates of Local Chapters and Hubs can submit proposalsBetween April 16 and May 26 participants can comment on proposals. Between June 4 and June 10 we will host proposal workshops (schedule below). 

Voting on the Proposals will take place at the DA Main Event on July 1st and 2nd.

Submission form for proposals!

Proposals must pass basic quality checks, ensuring they are clear, concise, easy to understand and relevant to the entire movement. Proposals should focus on strategy and be international in scope. Furthermore, submissions will have to assure that the proposal has been drafted and approved by the corresponding Local Chapter or Hub.

There will be ample time, including online commenting and Proposal Workshops, for participants to add feedback, including changes or adaptions, to the proposals. When submitting, authors will be asked to provide detailed information including:

  • current situation in the ECG movement regarding the proposal

  • communication with affected Hubs

  • planned next steps

  • people or groups responsible for implementation

  • contact address of Hub or Local Chapter Coordinator

Learn more about requirements for submitting proposals in ECG Governance chapter 2.4.5 "Requirements and Criteria for Proposal Submission". Learn more about Systemic Consensus, which is used for voting at the DA.

Here you will later find the proposals and voting results from the DA 2022 (login required).

Go here to find proposals from the DA 2021 (login required) to gain an idea of outcomes and topics.

DA 2022 Organising Team

Luciana Cornaglia:

An Rigoli:

Gaby Belz:

Gus Hagelberg:

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