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This page provides a list of ECG-specific terms. Refer to the ECG Governance document for more details of ECG-specific terms.

MovementTotal of all activists, pioneers, members and signatories
Sovereign of the MovementActive members (= activists and pioneers) who have signed the Code of Conduct
Delegates Assembly (DA)Meeting of elected representatives of all subdivisions of the movement ("Parliament of the Movement")
Online Conventiononline-based decision-making body of the sovereign of the movement
Activistsnatural persons who carry out activities in accordance with the vision of the ECG
Membersnatural or legal persons who are officially members of an ECG association
Active Members

all who participate actively in our movement (eg. in a local chapter or a hub) and are registered as members of a ECG association


legal entities that prepare an ECG balance (e.g. companies, associations, municipalities, public institutions) ECG companies, ECG communities, ECG regions,...

Local Chapter

see ECG Governance, 2.9. Local Chapters


see ECG Governance, 2.7. Hubs

International Working Group

see ECG Governance, 2.10. International Working Groups