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In order to be able to use your ECG account, you must first set a personal password.
This is described on Set new password - the password reset.

And from then on, the doors to the ECG IT services are open to you (smile)

Our recommendation: Get to know the ECG wiki a little - login see in the top right corner.
Then you will see also the internal area. Take a look at the instructions for IT services and the wiki itself.

Also a good start is the ECG portal
There you will find access to services such as the wiki, webmail or the datacloud.

How you can configure your e-mail program to receive and send via ecogood address can be found under Setting up your mail client

Johanna has provided a wonderful introductory video:

You are welcome to request assistance from IT support at any time.
We wish you a productive use of the tools for more common good and the realization of your ECG visions (green star)

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