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Welcome to the online convention about the international strategy of the ECG movement. We invite all active ECG members to give their feedback (no registration/account necessary).

Strategic goals will make international collaboration easier and will help to make our activities more effective. That's why an international strategy team was founded at the delegates assembly in Paris in 2017 and more people joined it in 2018 at the delegates assembly in Lisbon.

Together, we drafted a set of strategic focuses that are meant to serve as an orientation and inspiration for our activists all over the world. Applications to Delegates Assemblies should also refer to one of the strategic focuses.

We now want to present our draft to you in order to have your feedback and to refine it together.

If you are an active member of an ECG association you are invited to give your feedback by

  • commenting on the suggested strategic focuses on the subpages (see below). Write your full name and the name of your ECG association in your comment.
  • adding new strategic focuses. Please be critical with yourself and check if your idea fits with an existing strategic topic on the subpages. If your idea does not belong to one of them, add it as a comment on the page "New suggestions". Write your full name and the name of your ECG association in your comment. 

The deadline for your feedback is 28 February 2019. You can comment without having an ECG account. We recommend that you take time to discuss the strategic focuses in your regional group or your hub and that you feedback the results of your discussion. This should dramatically accelerate the whole process. If possible, please use English language for your comments. This helps to keep the convention international.

After the feedback has been gathered together, we will try to consolidate it. A final set of strategic focuses will be published at the Delegates Assembly 2019 in Stuttgart. There, the delegates will be asked to vote on the ones which they feel are of the most importance. (Due to technical reasons, this cannot be done online yet.) This prioritisation will then inform the movement. It will also build a link to the work of the international federation by defining the priorities for the strategic goals and the measures of the IF.

If you have feedback on the process of this online convention, please let us know on the page "Feedback on the process".

Many thanks for your collaboration,

Anke Schwind, Beate Petersen, Bridget Knapper, Harro Colshorn, Ilse Lang, Manfred Kofranek and Ralf Wagner
for the International Strategy Team

Overview document

While working on a German translation, Lutz Dudek has made printable layouts of all focuses. They might be helpful for getting an overview of the contents and for the discussion in the local chapters. Thanks a lot, Lutz!

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