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The ECG movement has an extensive support network for local chapters. Each local chapter has its own coordinators. Beyond that we have Regional Local Chapter Coordinators who answer questions and support the Local Chapter Coordinators.

The ECG Community Manager ( and International Reception ( coordinate local chapter support internationally. Read more about the tasks of the Community Manager and International Reception.

All coordinators are asked to abide by the ECG Code of Conduct.

Local Chapter Coordinators

Each ECG Local Chapters has two coordinators, who are chosen by chapter members and should maintain this role for at least one year. They act as reliable contacts for all ECG activities in the area. They also work to encourage synergies and partnerships with other local chapters, local businesses and local politicians.

Common tasks

  • Focus on effective and sustainable activities ("Activities and Examples")
  • Working to strengthen and further develop the local chapter ("First Steps")
  • Organize and facilitate chapter meetings
  • Facilitate the decision-making process within the group
  • Communication with the regional and international local chapter coordinators
  • Integrating and on-boarding new members

Local Chapter Support Team

We have created a Local Chapter Support Team International and a Local Chapter Support Team (DACH: German-speaking countries) (see below) for regions across the globe with ECG activities. They support Local Chapters in their respective regions (for example Bavaria, Germany, Austria or South America) and serve as a link to ECG regional associations (legal bodies).

Regional Local Chapter Coordinators carry out the task for at least one year, at the end of which they find a successor and and pass on the necessary knowledge.

Common tasks

  • Support and networking of local chapters in a given geographical area
  • Linking of the local chapters with their responsible association and with hubs
  • Regular contact with the individual local chapter coordinators
  • Supporting International Reception in the registration of new local chapters
  • Regular contact with the active participants (by telephone when the occasion arises, in exceptional cases visits on site)
  • Regular meetings with the other Regional Local Chapter Coordinators (at least three times per year)
  • Encourage the transfer of information and best practices between local chapters and the rest of the global ECG movement

List of Regional Local Chapter Coordinators

Email List for the group of the Local Chapter Support Team - International:

Email List for the group of the Local Chapter Support Team - DACH (German-speaking countries):





Postal Codes
all of Austria

  • Bavaria, Germany

Harro Colshorn (

  • Baden-Württemberg, Germany

  • Hessen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Saarland, Germany

  • Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Sebastian Garcia

  • Northern and East Germany

all of Switzerland
SpainJavier Alcaide Vives

ItalyJohanna Donà
all of Italy
France, Belgium

Latin AmericaLuciana

Brazil, PortugalThilo

United KingdomBridget

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