The intention of this page is to help you find what you are looking for in ECG Wiki. Perhaps you are expecting a comfort like in well known internet search engines ore "AI tools". What you will find in the integrated search of "Confluence" – which is the software system behind ECG Wiki – is not the same quality. So you have to investigate some more than you might wish to...

Starting a confluence search

click into the search field top right of the window

Fine tuning your search

be aware of the elements on the left side of the Search mask:

Presumably the most helpful filters are "Type" and "Label". Thus you may restrict the search result to sources that are really helpful.

Searching for result type

In most cases you will really look for a certain wiki page. So set the filter to "Page"!

Symbols, that characterise your search results

Searching for labels

This feature is only helpful if the author of a certain Wiki page used the feature "Edit Labels". If so, it leads you to higly relevant results!

  • You may use the shortcut "I" to assign labels to your wiki page
  • Labels are assigned in read mode of the wiki, not in editing mode!

All search results are really suitable (they refer to the manual "Choosing a new password - The password reset process" in English an German version)

for nerds the advanced search might be even more powerful

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