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TitleECG International Newsletter
ReleaseSeptember 2019

Dear supporters and members of the ECG,

We are indeed living through extraordinary times. Whilst much of the political scene is in turmoil, it is clear that the end of ‘business as usual’ is nigh. Voices ranging from young people demanding change in light of the climate emergency to the grouping of the most powerful American businesses redefining their role in society towards a more social purpose. Even the Financial Times carried a front page headline and editorial on reforming capitalism. Sustainable value starts with values and the ECG model embeds these throughout the core of business activities. There are plenty of alternatives out there and the Not the Nobel prize highlights 59 fresh thinkers and doers helping society to meet its needs whilst respecting the people and planet on which it depends. Christian Felber came eighth place in the shortlist achieving the second highest number of supportive comments.

Our movement is growing. Join us to spread it even further. 

Greetings from the editors,

Bridget Knapper and Gus Hagelberg

Topics in this issue:

Table of Contents

RubricCooperation Partners

International Strategy

Sharing best practice to achieve the goals

The strategic focuses for the international ECG movement were voted by hubs, chapters and delegates of the ECG Delegates Assembly, Stuttgart, 2019. 

Strategic focuses will make international collaboration easier and will make our activities more effective.

  • Chapters, hubs and associations can use the focuses to decide on their priorities, to collaborate on projects and to share best practice
  • The strategic focuses will give guidance to the International Federation in budgeting and allocating resources.

Chapters, hubs and associations are encouraged to upload examples of what is already happening to achieve each of the focuses under the Exchange of Best Practices pages.

Anyone who would like to join the international strategy team in taking this work forward is invited to contact Ralf Wagner The next meeting of this group will be in October 2019.

Movement goalExpected outcomeKey performance indicator

Raise awareness amongst the public about the concept of the Economy for the Common Good (ECG) and its values.

People in societies want ECG as an alternative model to our current socio-economic system.

Number of members of ECG associations

Churn rate

Ensure the quality and effectiveness of the ECG Balance Sheet.

ECG balance sheet is an effective standard.

Satisfaction survey of companies/ organisations

Promote the ECG Balance Sheet amongst municipalities and raise the number of municipalities with an ECG Balance Sheet.

Municipalities improve their contribution to the common good, managing their issues with the help of the ECG Balance Sheet.

Number of organisations with valid ECG balance sheet

Number of organisations with valid ECG balance sheet that repeat it

Raise the number of companies and organisations with an ECG Balance Sheet.

Organizations and companies improve their contribution to the common good managing their issues with the help of the ECG Balance Sheet.

Form and maintain lasting relationships with companies/organisations who do the ECG Balance Sheet.

Organizations are proud to be part of the ECG community and to contribute to the common good.

Satisfaction survey of companies/ organisations.

Number of companies that are members.

Churn rate of companies

Not the Nobel Prize

Vote now for the winner

Seven economic thinkers and doers have been shortlisted for the Not the Nobel prize. You can cast your vote for the one who you think has contributed “the greatest benefit to humankind” in the true spirit of Alfred Nobel.

The seven finalists are: Jessica Gordon Nembhard, Kate Raworth, Laura Carvalho, Mariana Mazzucato, Randall Wray, Steve Keen and Tom Rippin - you can find out more about them and how you can vote for them here. Christian Felber came eighth out of 59 people nominated with the second highest number of supportive comments. You can see the comments together with the range of alternative thinkers here. The award ceremony will be held in London on Thursday 3 October and will be live-streamed online.

RubricGeneral Information

Businesses act for the Common Good and the SDGs

These new guidelines and webpage are designed for businesses interested in implementing the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). It illustrates how the Common Good Balance Sheet is the perfect tool to help businesses reach these goals. Check out their wonderful webpage and the guidelines (in German only).

Citizen Dialog Events in Southern Germany

The ECG Association in Baden-Württemberg, Germany organised a series of "Citizen Dialogs" in the cities Tübingen, Ulm and Tuttlingen. The events were designed for local residents to actively engage and discuss issues around the Economy for the Common Good and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The events were funded with €20,000 by the German foundation for cooperation "Stiftung Entwicklungszusammenarbeit" and the State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg. 

The format of the evenings was interactive and informative. Participants were invited to play two games and enjoy an exhibit about the SDG and ECG. 

Riane Eisler - ECG Ambassador

We are excited to announce that author, activist and educator Riane Eisler has joined the team of ECG AmbassadorsRiane is the author of "Nurturing our Humanity", "The Real Wealth of Nations" and "The Chalice and the Blade". She is also founder of the Center for Partnership Studies.

Riane on the ECG: "We urgently need an Economy for the Common Good that values and rewards caring for people and for nature!".


Working Group on Transparent Budgeting 

Call for collaboration

The ECG Delegates Assembly 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany decided to set up a working group to draft the budget for the ECG International Federation for 2020. The goals of the group are:

  • design a transparent and democratic process
  • the process is based on our commonly defined international strategic focuses
  • the design and process can be understood and accepted by every member of ECG
  • eventually to define a budget for 2020 for the International Federation by 07.12.2019 when the Federation Members Council (FMC) will approve or decline the final draft.

The working language will be English. Furthermore, a feedback group will be set up to analyse the proposals, give feedback and discuss the results with other activists, members, ECG Associations, ECG Local Chapters and ECG Hubs. Whoever is interested to take part in one of these teams, is warmly invited to join, by sending an email to

The international budget process will be presented at the Delegates Assembly 2020 for approval. This year's process is understood as a trial and to gain experience. We want to point out that it is not within our scope to provide answers on local, regional or national budgeting, but only focus on the international procedure.

Looking forward to many applications,

Johanna Donà, Manfred Jotter, Pedro Olazabal from the Budget Team 2020

RubricLiterature Review

Trading for Good

How global trade can be made to serve people not money, by Christian Felber

In this visionary work, Christian Felber, founder of the Economy for the Common Good movement, offers a dazzling new paradigm for the global trading order. Confronting the ‘free trade religion’ which has reigned since Adam Smith, Felber champions an alternative approach in which trade serves the wider interests of society, incorporating the key issues of our time: human rights, climate change, and the growing divide between richer and poorer countries. He proposes the groundbreaking idea of an ‘Ethical Trade Zone’, founded on a principled approach to tariffs and trade policies, and built with international cooperation on trade, taxation and labour.

“Can we design a world trade regime that prioritizes ethical trade over free trade? As hyper-globalization reels under its contradictions, we have little choice but to think of alternatives. The concrete proposals in this useful book show that a socially and environmentally sustainable world economy need not be out of reach.”  - Dani Rodrik

Pre-order the book from 25 October here.

RubricLocal Chapters

New Local Chapters

We are excited to see the ECG movement continue to grow. It's particularly wonderful to see groups starting outside of Western Europe.

We welcome the first local chapters from Romania and Israel

  • Regensburg, Germany
  • Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, Germany
  • Romania
  • Bern-Biel, Switzerland
  • Israel
  • Campo de Energía Valle de Bravo, Mexico
  • Campo de Energía Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Campo de Energía Chihuahua, , Mexico

Find the full list of ECG Local Chapters here.

ECG Valle de Bravo, Mexico

Second local chapter meeting

The second meeting of the newly formed chapter in Valle de Bravo, Mexico took place on 27th September with brothers and sisters attending from ECG Colorado, USA, Mexico City and Germany. An exciting new local chapter. Bienvenidos!

Yolanda Suárez del Real ( is our contact person for Valle de Bravo.

Local Chapter Guidelines

Now available without a login

Our newly-improved Guidelines for Creating and Running an ECG Local Chapter are now available online for the general public. You no longer need login. You can find valuable information, links, registration forms, how-to videos, etc.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions on improving these guidelines.

First Onboarding Videos

We have begun creating short explainer videos to help new people join the movement and to help ECG Local Chapters grow stronger.

The first video can be found here.


10 female artists create animated film about ECG

"Ten female animators partner with 10 music composers in order to create a kinder, more sustainable and humane version of economics - from the Encounters Film Festival in Bristol."

(Text from their webpage)

Watch the Video and find out more about the project here.


Biodynamic Festival of the Americas

Connections of ECG with the Earth

Members of ECG USA, Mexico, Germany and France took part in the Festival de Agricultura Biodynámica de las Americas at El Charco del Ingenio, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico between 18 - 21 September. The festival’s central theme was the Human Being and the Rhythms of Nature. Giving life to the festival were seven pillars that sustain the work through a program that encompasses leading thoughts, workshops divided into the four elemental spheres, and a polycultural market. Presenters from several countries were invited to share their study and practice in this field, conducting lectures and workshops intended to provide an immersive experience. The aim of this festival is to delve deeply into the topics that explore the sacred relationship between humans and nature and the program is designed to create an inclusive seed that contains the Biodynamic impulse and the broader Anthroposophical Community. The intention is ultimately to inspire new creative ideas for meeting the ecological and social challenges of our time and guide us to a future of healing with the Earth.

"A festival has the quality to take us out of the ordinary and take us to the mysteries of the rhythms of the seasons, therefore the great festivals exist to give testimony of our connection with the whole universe.” Rudolf Steiner

The Economy for the Common Good movement is only possible because of assistance through membership fees, donations and the amazing team of volunteers spread across the globe.

You too can get involved and help:

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