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Erste Schritte

  1. Finde eine Gruppe von Personen, die sich für die Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie engagieren möchte und organisiere ein Auftakttreffen.
  2. Die Gruppe entscheidet sich eine Regionalgruppe zu gründen und beginnt sich regelmäßig zu treffen.
  3. Da im Laufe der Zeit verschiedene Interessen zusammenkommen und die Gruppe wächst, gründet ihr Fokusgruppen oder Arbeitsgruppen, die zusätzlich zu den monatlichen Regionalgruppentreffen eigene Treffen veranstalten. Beispiele für solche AG's sind:
    1. Kernteam (Strategie, Kommunikation, Teambuilding and Aufnahmen von neuen Aktiven)
    2. Zusammenarbeit mit Unternehmen 

    3. Bildungsarbeit

    4. PR, Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

    5. Politik, Zusammenarbeit mit Behörden

  4. Mehr Personen werden Teil der Regionalgruppe und finden heraus in welchem Bereich sie sich engagieren möchten.

5. Weitere mögliche Aktivitäten

  • Findet Personen in eurer Gruppe, die bestimmte Rollen übernehmen wie:
    • Kontaktperson für Unternehmen/Behörden/Bildungseinrichtungen
    • Unternehmensberatung (oder Kontakt zu Berater*innen)
    • PR, Kontakt zu Medien
    • Veranstaltungsorganisation
    • Kooperation und Vernetzung
    • interne Organisation
  • Kommunikation mit der Bewegung (Newsletter, Wiki, soziale Medien, Webseite)
  • Teilnahme an GWÖ Veranstaltungen und Konferenzen wie die überregionalen Regionalgruppentreffen, Delegiertenversammlung, Gründertreffen, Wissenschaftskonferenzen
  • Verbreite die Idee der GWÖ in deiner Stadt
  • Kontaktiere lokale Unternehmen und sprich mit ihnen über eine Gemeinwohl-Bilanz
  • Baue ein Netzwerk mit politischen Entscheidungsträgern auf
  • Ermuntere deine Stadt eine GWÖ Region zu werden
  • Ermuntere eine Bildungseinrichtung eine Bildungsveranstaltung zu organisieren
  • Gewinne neue Mitglieder für deine Regionalgruppe und deinen regionalen GWÖ Verein
  • Startet Fundraising-Aktivitäten, hier findet ihr ein Handbook für Fundraising (login nötig).


Jedes Jahr sammeln wir Berichte von Regionalgruppen auf der ganzen Welt. Sie sind eine wunderbare Quelle, um Beispiele und Best Practices zu finden. Hier findest du die Jahresberichte der Regionalgruppen.

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First Steps

  1. Find a group that wants to work towards an Economy for the Common Good and organize an initial meeting.
  2. The group decides to establish a local chapter and starts to meet on a regular basis. See example letter below.
  3. As different interests emerge and the group grows, you create focus teams or work groups, which meet in addition to the monthly local chapter meetings. Examples of such focus teams are:
    1. core team (strategy, communication, team building and on-boarding)
    2. working with businesses 

    3. public education

    4. outreach, public relations

    5. politics, working with your local government

  4. Additional people join the Local Chapter and discover which area they would like to work on.

Some people might prefer to remain less active and only join the general meetings.

Your group might like to create a workshop to use the Dragon Dreaming Method for team building and strategic planning.

Read about ideas on strategy building, communication, team building and on-boarding of new activists.

    5. More possible activities

  • Find people in your group to fill specific roles, such as:
    • contact persons for companies/municipalities/education institutions
    • public relations, media contact
    • event planning
    • networking and cooperation
    • internal organisation
  • Communication with the ECG movement (newsletters, wiki, social media, Website)
  • Participate in ECG-meetings and conferences such as Local Chapter regional meetings, Delegates Assembly, entrepreneurs' meetings, academic conferences
  • Spread the word about ECG in your city
  • Contact local businesses and talk to them about the Common Good Balance Sheet
  • Establish a network with political decision-makers
  • Encourage your city to become an ECG municipality.
  • Encourage an educational institution to host an educational event
  • Gain new members to your Local Chapter and to your regional ECG Association
  • Start fundraising activities. Learn more in our Handbook for Fundraising (requires login)

Annual Reports

Each year we collect reports from all ECG Local Chapters around the world. They are a great source for examples and best practices. You can find the Annual Reports of ECG Local Chapters.

Example of Letter to Potential new Members

Hello [name of recipient]

We are part of a growing movement called the ECG (Economy for the Common Good). You are the Common Good... Our city is the Common Good... Everyone is part of the Common Good, and the current system is set up to benefit those who control the Common Good.

The reason for this email to you is because (1) You’re a changemaker (2) We live in a broken economic system and (3) It’s time for change, for a better future! To build the momentum for change, we need passionate people.

The main issues the Common Good face are mostly derived through corporate behaviour. These are some of the primary issues the ECG aim to address and fix:

  • People over Profit > Profit over People
  • Strive for the highest level of service to the customer, environment, employee, and suppliers
  • Employees paid a livable wage, not the minimum wage
  • Improve Social / Environmental / Financial impacts with businesses, NFP, institutions and municipalities
  • Optimize human dignity and environmental sustainability through supply chains
  • Environmental investment made by businesses

A sample of the questions we seek to answer, and put forth to the politicians and business owners:

  • Does profit measure our happiness and well-being of the Common Good?
  • Is the quest for unending Consumption, Profit and Growth necessary or sustainable?
  • Does our environment benefit from this current economic quest?
  • Is there a better way?

What's next?

  1. Check out: Link to the ECG Global Movement (https://www.ecogood.org)
  2. Become a member of an ECG Association 
  3. Meetings: Bring your mind and passion for change to one of our meetup sessions to learn more about this new method to better our world.
  4. Feedback: Share your ideas on how the 'system' could better serve you / community / environment
  5. Recommend a Friend: Connect others with this movement so we can bring balance to the Common Good!

If you would like to be part of this movement for change and bringing balance to our world, please reply back with your interest to attend a future meeting or discussion

Be well!

ECG [Local Chapter Name]