An ECG Account is the principle account to access our online services such as:

ECG PortalAllows you to access our intranet portal and various online services
Email AddressUse your own ECG email account

How do I get an ECG Account?

Find out here how to apply for your ECG account.

Rules about using an ECG Account

The ECG account offers access to a lot of internal information. That is why it is important to deal with it responsibly, also with regard to data protection.

Therefore, under all circumstances:

Never give away your password.

No one may have access to our online services or data who has not signed the data protection declaration.

(warning) If you do not use your ECG account every three months, it will be closed and then deleted if you don't use it within an additional month.

About the ECG Email Address

  • can be used for all email communication for active members and staff
  • Public image as an official functionary of the ECG movement

  • clear separation between private/professional emails and ECG emails

  • Increased identification with the ECG

  • Making the correct contact persons visible (e.g. on the website)
Prerequisitssee Creating an ECG Account
  • should be used for external and internal communication to ensure a professional image to the outside world
  • Regular reading and replying to new mails (at least once a week)
    • Please create an automatic out of office notification if you will be gone for a longer time
  • Regular archiving and deletion of read mails > see storage space for all mailboxes
  • do not click on links in unknown mails, delete spam mails
  • Observance of the relevant parts of the Code of Conduct

(warning) If the use requirements are no longer fulfilled, for example if you leave the ECG, please inform Account-Administration so that the email address can be deleted.

Upon termination of membership, the email address will be automatically deleted.

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