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(warning) Please note: All documents have to be complete and readable. Otherwise, due to limited ressources, we cannot process your request.

1Read the Rules about using an ECG Account

Read and sign the ECG Privacy Agreement

Print, sign and scan the document. Please save it as a PDF file.

4Register in our database

Follow one of the online processes "Become a member", "Donate" or "Sign up" on the page Get involved, to have your personal data entered in our global database "Backoffice"

5Contact your coordinator
Send an email to the coordinator of your local chapter or hub containing
  1. the signed Privacy Agreement
  2. your private email address and mobile number (to transfer the passsword in a secure way)
  3. eventually proof of your membership (see below)
6The coordinator will apply for your ECG Account

The coordinator will forward your email to  Account-Administration to confirm:

  1. your request

  2. your participation in an ECG local chapter or hub

If you are coordinator in a


Activate your ECG Account

Within a few days you should receive

  • instructions on how to activate your ECG Account
  • further onboarding information

Please activate as soon as possible, otherwise the temporary password will expire.

(warning) If you require support for the initial login or any other activity, please contact your coordinator or an experienced ecogood member. Our IT resources are limited and we are not able to handle all requests.

8Confirm the activation

Send a confirmation email to  Account-Administration and to your coordinator.

This enables you to use our IT services, e.g. login to this wiki.


In certain cases an ECG account can also be provided to individuals who are not yet members of an ECG legal body (e.g. ECG activists living in countries where an ECG legal body does not yet exist, employees, people at partner organizations) .
Such cases can (only) be approved by

Proof of your membership

Before creating an account, the Account-Administration needs to verify your membership.
Normally this is done in our ECG-database "Backoffice".

But some association do not (yet) use the Backoffice (more details see here ):

  • Deutschland:
    • Baden-Württemberg
    • Berlin-Brandenburg
    • Nord
    • Ost-Westphalen Lippe
  • Österreich
    • Oberösterreich

    • Steiermark
    • Vorarlberg
  • Belgien
  • England
  • Niederlande
  • Schweden

For members of these associations the Account-Administration can not verify the membership.
In this case your membership needs to be confirmed by the assiciation directly.

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