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Fill out the form below to apply for an ECG account. If you should have any problems please contact

The IT support team will check your application regarding membership in a legal association and your activity in the movement. You will receive a notification of the sucessful account setup or we will tell you additional requirements.

 Further requirements for using the form...
  • there must be only one entry for you in the ECG database "SmartWe"
  • your database entry has to contain the same birthdate you fill into the form below. The database entry may be checked and edited by the membership administration of your ECG association
 If sending the form does not work, click here...

If the form returns an error message there are one or more reasons:

  • there is no database entry with your first name and last name
  • the birthdate is missing in your database entry
  • there are several entries with the same names and birthdates

Please check first if the birthdate in your account request form is correct. If yes, please send a screenshot with your entries in the form to

If the database doesn't contain an entry with your data we will inform you and offer the following solution:

  • you sign in as a subscriber (the process does not create a legal membership and has financial obligations for you)
  • immediately after having sent the form you will be able to use the online process or account application
  • please send us an additional confirmation of your membership in a legal ECG association

Application Form

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