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New order round until the end of June 2021



Bendix Balke

New order round until the end of June 2021

In May and June 2021 you can order many new and established info materials. Products from stock will be delivered within three days, the rest after printing in mid-August.
You can order via this new webshop. Most of the products are distributed by the ECG-company Bausinger GmbH. Please send urgent enquiries to jl@bausinger.de. Articles 6, 7 and 17 are handled by the ECG-company CCC Druck und Medien GmbH, please email your orders to t.thoene@ccc-ms.de.

The advantages of joint purchasing:
  • Credibility: All materials meet the criteria of ECG throughout the entire supply chain. We select suppliers who combine a high ECG-balance sum with favourable prices.
  • Low effort: We print your contact details on some items.
  • Low price: If many people participate, the bulk prices are up to 60% cheaper than individual orders - since 2018, we have achieved this saving with 80,000 "general flyers". But because ECG values have their price, we distinguish ourselves from cheap suppliers.

The companies cover their costs without subsidies from the ECG movement and without profit. They provide financial transparency to ECG bodies (EMT) in the following year.
We were able to reduce our shipping costs to 4,90 € within Germany and 8,90 € to Austria, other countries on request.

This year we offer the products only in German. The following list is no longer up to date. The ECG groups from other language regions are welcome to contact us if they would like to translate templates or order items. Please contact bendix.balke@ecogood.org.

No.Article Description

View (For a better view please click the PDFs)

Price gross excl. shippingOrder conditionsSpecifications
1General FlyerOur bestseller  provides basic information about ECG at information stands and events.


500 Stück

50 €

Will only be created in order rounds with your contact details on page 1, middle.

150g uncoated recycled paper

Three times 105 x 148 mm, folded (A6 portrait format; 2- broken wraparound fold)

2Matrix Card

Many ECG groups work with the matrix on one side and a short text on the other. Instead of a postcard A6 we offer the larger and reader-friendly long DIN format.


500 pieces 40 €

Will only be created in order rounds with your contact details.

170g recycled paper uncoated

148,5 x 99 mm


Customers internal Wish List  

With this cover letter, consumers turn to companies in order to win them over for balancing.

For background information, please refer to the guidance .

1,000 units

26 €

Can be ordered in German at any time.

In other languages: Please ask!

Without your contact details.

A5 Format

Back: Matrix 5.0.

5Business Card

Classic business card with contact details of individuals or groups

100 pieces 20 €

Will only be created in order rounds with your contact details

250g uncoated recycled paper, both sides.

55 x 85 mm

6Beech L banners   

More sustainable and cheaper alternative to rollups:

Instead of energy-intensive aluminium, they are made from 95% FSC-certified beech wood. Easy to assemble, durable and lightweight. Foil size 80 x 190 cm, sturdy base and cotton bag.

Translation Design A and E:

We turn the economy from head to toe.

Design C cf. No. 2 above

190 €    

Can be ordered at any time (but more expensive outside the ordering rounds).

With your contact details.

Own design possible

We offer you five different designs.

L-banner system made of European and FSC certified beech as well as small metal reinforcements.

Environmentally friendly lacquer finish. The opaque foil can be easily replaced by a patented magnet system.

With cotton bag for transport.

Fire protection: B1 certified.

7Small Banner 68 x 110 cm

Hangs in front of information tables or on wall surfaces.

Is the eye-catcher of every group photo.

70 €

Can be ordered at any time

With your contact details.

Made of polyester (PVC free) with a barrier layer so that nothing shimmers through.

A wooden strip or similar can weigh down the banner through the lower flap.


At events, T-shirts refer to ECG volunteers. Classic T-shirt form in ECG blue.

The back and on the chest is printed with the ECG logo in durable silkscreen.

15 €

Please specify: Ladies

XS = a.)
S = b.)
M = c.)
L = d.)
XL = e.)

Men and others:

S = f.)
M = g.)
L = h.)
XL = i.)
XXL = j.)

Can be ordered at any time.

Without your contact details.


There is currently not even more organic, fair and vegan on the textile market:

Not only T-shirts are GOTS and FWF-certified, but also the printing inks. Fair sewing in India!

Manufacturer: www.3freunde.de

9Renewable pencils

These pencils actually continue to grow: Simply put the pencil stub in potting soil (instead of in a tennis ball, you can also put it in a flower pot!) and basil grows from the seed capsule (unfortunately no pencils (smile)).      

Translation: Thinking growth differently. ECG (Production in other languages then German demands more than 1.000 pieces)

10 pieces 17 €

Can be ordered at any time.

Without your contact details.

The water-soluble seed capsules contain high-quality seeds. The shaft is made of PEFC- or FSC-certified cedar wood. The lead contains a mixture of clay and graphite. For planting, place the seed capsule in plant soil, pencil protrudes diagonally, water moderately in semi-shade.

10Carrier Bags

An extremely sustainable gift for ECG activists, companies and cooperation partners.

You can also pass it on for a donation.

Translation: We turn the economy from head to toe.

3 €

Can be ordered at any time.

Without your contact details.

Carrier bag, long handles, printed on one side, certified fair trade organic cotton.

Size approx. 38 x 42 cm

This product has a Fairtrade code to trace the origin of the cotton!

Producer like no. 8:


12Stick Notes    

A give-away that catches the eye day after day!


Translation: Does your idea strengthen the common good?

1,50 € / piece

Can be ordered in German at any time.

In other languages: Please ask!

Without your contact details.


Block with 50 sheets

recycled paper, solvent-free water-based adhesive

72 x 72 mm


Beer Mat    

Inscription:  "For the common good" and conversation-stimulating theses (4 motifs in set of 100). Hexagonal to sort them in an original way. Can be used as a discussion impulse or give-away at the information stand, at events or in your favourite pub as a beer mat.

Translation of Beer Mats:

1.) Where does your money work?

Money doesn't work, people work.
Ethical investments and alternative banks invest in social, sustainable ideas and projects.
The alternative economic model Economy for the Common Good is committed to making money the means instead of the goal of economic activity.

2.) Cooperation is stronger than competition.

Companies are stronger if they can rely on each other.
This releases energy. No one should work too much or too little because the competition is breathing down his neck.
The alternative economic model Economy for the Common Good has thought about how economies in cooperation
can succeed. www.ecogood.org

3.) Organic is cheaper.
Of course organic is more expensive. On the price tag in the shop. Because we pay the true costs of conventional agriculture with poisoned soils, bee deaths and climate change.
The economic model of Economy for the Common Good wants a system of taxes and levies that imposes common good costs on those who cause them. Then organic is cheaper.

4.) If superiors listen to their team, everyone feels better.
All have blind spots. Also superiors! Employees want to contribute ideas to make their company more sustainable and successful.
The Economy for the Common Good is an alternative economic model that makes co-decision just as strong as solidarity and sustainability.

100 pieces 12 € (25 pieces per motif)

Can be ordered in German at any time.

In other languages: Please ask!

Without your contact details.

Made of PEFC-certified wood, organic starch and colours, low energy production, compostable according to CERTCO. (www.untersetzerfabrik.de/der-bierdeckel/nachhaltigkeit/)

Size: 102 x 104 mm, edge length 60 mm.


Beach flag

Frame and foot are made in the Netherlands, not in the Far East. Printed at the GWÖ company CCC in DE-Münster.

Cross foot with water weight

Version 1: total height 267 cm, flag 65 x 194 cm, single printed (mirror-inverted on the back).

Version 2: Total height 300 cm, flag 65 x 200 cm, printed on both sides.

ABTranslation A: Fresh wind for a different economy

1: 150 €

2: 260 €

Please order directly at t.thoene@ccc-ms.de.

You can choose between two sizes (number 1 or 2) and two designs (A or B, see pictures). 1A is e.g. the small beach flag in the left design.

Can be ordered at any time

With your contact details.



Format A7

Sticker suitable for outdoor use made of resistant PP foil


Translation A: We turn the economy from head to toe

B: Rethinking the economy. An ethical economy is possible.

C: All economic activity serves the common good (Article 151 of the Constitution of the Free State of Bavaria, Germany)

50 pieces

8 €

Can be ordered at any time

Without your contact details.

10,5 cm by 7.4 cm
A7 Format

75 g/m² label paper - Mastertac Pet-Laser matt, white, slit, permanent


A join-in campaign to get people talking at information stands etc.

On four cardboard boxes stacked one on top of the other, two goals each stand for economic activity.

Interested parties consider which are their most important goals for doing business. They put their most important goal at the top and sort by priority.

In the discussion we can strengthen ECG positions.


Proposal of the Economy for the Common Good

Economic system today

Companies receive benefits if they behave ecologically and fairly

Those who produce cheaply will prevail on the market

Business is based on trust, cooperation and sharing

Economy is based on efficiency, competition and profit

Differences in income and wealth are limited

There are no limits to differences in income and wealth

Economy offers what is necessary for the good life

Economy offers what can be sold

Four cardboard stools 30 €

Can be ordered in German at any time.

In other languages: Please ask!

Each stool 30 x 30 x 42 cm, recycled material.

Folded up, four stools need approx. 60 x 60 x 10 cm storage space.

Cardboard and paint are not suitable for moisture.

Sand or stones can protect the stools against wind in (dry) outdoor use.


22Workbook on the Common Goods Balance Sheet 5.0

Guideline document for the preparation of the Common Good Balance Sheet for companies.

It includes the Full Balance Sheet and the Compact Balance Sheet variants and is a tool for understanding the Balance Sheet, creating your own Balance Sheet and performing a self-assessment.

30 €

Can be ordered in German at any time.

In other languages: Please ask!

Printed on environmentally friendly paper in Austria.

Also available at koloopublishing.at

Award Criteria

Contracts shall be awarded on the basis of the following three criteria:

Award CriterionComment Price 

      In general: The cheaper the order, the more likely it is to be received.

ECG Assessment   
  • In general, the higher the ECG rating, the more likely it is that orders will be received.
  • Deductions for expired public interest balance sheets
  • If no company with a ECG balance sheet offers this product, we compare which supplier* corresponds most closely to the ECG values according to available information.
  • If possible, the comparison of suppliers* takes place within Germany. Since some products are manufactured exclusively in neighbouring countries (pencils in Denmark and organic buttons in Austria), we have nevertheless taken them in.
  • Separate production of an article at different locations is not reasonable, because the bundling effect does not take effect and the printing costs increase.
  • You get the goods from a central distribution to avoid packing and transporting goods unnecessarily.

  • No labels