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Achtung: dieser Prozess wurde in folgenden Punkten modifiziert:

  • Mitgliedsbestätigung muss in bestimmten Fällen beigefügt werden

  • Anträge können nur bearbeitet werden, wenn alle Unterlagen vollständig und gemeinsam übermittelt werden

  • Support bei Anmeldeproblemen kann nur mehr in Ausnahmefällen gegeben werden

1Read the Rules about using an ECG Account

Read and sign the ECG Privacy Agreement

Print, sign and scan the document. Please save it as a PDF file.

3Contact the coordinator or your local chapter or hub
Send an email with the signed Privacy Agreement as a PDF to your coordinator.
4The coordinator will request your ECG Account

The coordinator will forward your email to to confirm

  • your request
  • your association
    Members of the following associ
    ations don't require any additional verification as they are already registered in the central ecogood-database: österreichischer Gründungsverein, Tirol, Bayern, Schweiz.
    For members of any other association we require either their letter of acknowledgement or a confirmation mail of a respective board member. Furthermore we ask for the mobile number of the further account owner in order to transfer the password safely.

  • local chapter or hub

If you are a local chapter coordinator yourself please contact International Reception.

If you are a hub coordinator please contact Manfred Kofranek

(warning) Attention: in the past we received lots of incomplete or non-readable requests, therefore from now on we will handle only complete requests - this is in accordance with the sponsor (ICT). If a request can't be handled for such a reason, we will inform you and ask for a complete new request.


You should receive your ECG Account and password within a few days

This enables you to use our IT services, e.g. login to this wiki

(warning) If you require support for initial login or any other activity, please contact your coordinator or an experienced ecogood member in the first step. IT-ressourcen are very short and we are not in the position to handle too many requests.

6Confirm your of your ECG Account with your new addressAfter successfully logging into the Zimbra Webmail Interface, please send a  confirmation email to and your coordinator

(warning) In certain cases an ECG account can also be provided to individuals who are not yet members of an ECG legal body (e.g. ECG activists living in countries where an ECG legal body does not yet exist, employees, people at partner organizations).
Such cases can (only) be approved by

(warning) If you leave the movement or deactivate you email address, access to all ECG IT services will be deactivated.

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