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Use all levels of the education system to spread the ECG model.

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  1. Anonymous

    As an initial idea, it is proposed:
    1. creation of public policies (it is difficult but not impossible, dreaming is free!) At the local, regional, and hopefully national level (it would be a successful change of large and unsuspected proportions) that validate the formation of at least 1 module of one semester or 1 year, in the curricular meshes of the future teachers of basic education (7 to 14 years), and average (15 to 18 years).
    2. an ECG course, initially optional, and progressively until becoming mandatory in a certain period of years, in the Universities or institutes of technical training, independent of the students' career (plurality and transversality)

    1. Anonymous

      suggestings 1 and 2 by Juan Claudio Leiva, ECG CHILE ASSOCIATION