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Position enterprise, innovation and business activity as a force for the common good.

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  1. I'm sorry I don't understand the meaning of this goal. Could the authors please try to express in a different way, what they mean: who is supposed to "position enterprise ..." and what does 'positioning' mean in this context?  

    1. I understand it this way: We want to make more enterprises and businesses become advocates for the common good. We want to change their image and connect it with the common good.

  2. I guess it could say "encourage" instead of "position". I assume the idea is to figure out ways to highlight how creating the balance sheet in your company can actually help improve the common good.

  3. Anonymous

    1. convene companies in each country or city determined to meetings and working groups to present the ECG model, and motivate them to adhere
    2. Perform periodic (monthly is advisable) monitoring at the country and international level, so that it is disseminated in the various ECG social networks (for example: twitter, facebook, linkedin) the new companies that have made their ECG balance and adhere , consequently, effectively to the ECG model.

    Juan Claudio Leiva, cofounder ECG CHILE Association