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Promote ECG Balance Sheet and tools nationally and internationally

  1. as organisational development tools, for evaluation and planning 
  2. as a comprehensive non-financial reporting tool
  3. as a tool to tackle global problems as established by UN in SDGs
  4. as a tool for a broader view of the organisational impact on society and the environment and to find allies in the organisation's stakeholders

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  1. Anonymous

    Ecogood-Online Rating Tool and Plattform

    ECG has a clear vision and caused an enormous movement.

    But for the next stage, the implementation, we should connect to all sorts of rating and certifying institutes and invite them as partners. The ECG does not replace them, but brings all certificates together!
    We need an online-tool and an interface, which connects to all certifying institutions worldwide. One day 90% of the ECG-balanced is based on other certificates, which we automatically can import to our balance for any organization, we want to create an ecg-report. If an organizations then wants to have a comprehensive report, it just needs to go to our plattform and can see and promote on one page all efforts they do for sustainability.

    The Karte von morgen ( started in 2014 with a first prototype and the Ecogood-Plattform (vision by Ludwig Shuster from Berlin) is heading the same way.

    GWÖ-Online Bewertungstool und Plattform

    Die GWÖ hat eine klare Vision die viele Menschen zusammengebracht hat.

    Für die nächste Phase, der Implementierung, sollten wir zu allen möglichen Zertifizierungs und Bewertungs Instituten Kontakt aufnehmen und sie als Partner einladen. (In manchen Organisationen gibt es schon vorbehalte, weil sie das Gefühl haben die GWÖ will alles andere platt machen, was ja nicht unser Ziel ist) Die GWÖ will ja nichts ersetzen, sondern alle Zertifikate, Bewertungsrichtlininen und Nachhaltigkeitsberichte zusammenbringen und in einer Zahl zusammenfassen.

    Daher brauchen wir ein online-tool mit einer Schnittstelle zu allen zertifizierenden Insituten (demter, bio, gewerkschaften, ökostromanbiete...) weltweit. Eines tages kann eine GWÖ-Bilanz erstellt werden, die zu 90% auf Angaben besteht, die von unseren Zertifizierungspartnern geprüft wurden und von uns nicht mehr geprüft werden müssen. Jede Organisation hat dann auf unserer Plattform auf einen Blick eine Übersicht über alle Nachhaltigkeitsanstrengungen, die sie unternehmen haben, und mit einem bisschen Aufwand, sogar noch eine Zahl dazu.

    Die Karte von morgen ( bastelt seit 2014 an solch einem Prototypen und die GWÖ-Plattform (eine Vision von Ludwig Schuster aus Berlin) zielt in die gleiche Richtung.

    Helmut Wolman, ECG-Chapter Mannheim (DE),

    1. Anonymous

      yes! wnenever I coach companies to write their report I try to convince that if they don't know about for example suppliers the company should ask them about GWÖ/ECG-values. If suppliers care already about this they will be proud to tell about it - especially if they have something written, on the website etc.
      For GWÖ/ECG it is important to check whether this really contributes to sustainability or just pretends to to. The manual is valuable guide through the djungle... BB, GWÖ-ERW (Ennepe, Ruhr & Wupper) 

  2. Anonymous

    Regarding point 3: it would be valuable to prepare a summary that describes how each indicator of the common good matrix affects each of the 17 sustainable development objectives SGDs, since this complement seems not sufficiently developed, and is valuable solve it as soon as possible given the accelerated momentum that SDGs are having around the world.

    Regarding point 4: it is important to start or resume the delivery of the score (from 0 to 1000 points) that each company obtained on its ECG balance, spreading it on its social networks so that its stakeholders, especially customers, consumers, and municipalities, value the effort made, and plans to increase their contribution to the common good in the future.

    1. Anonymous

      comments about points 3, 4 by Juan Claudio Leiva, cofounder ECG CHILE Association.