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Form and maintain lasting relationships with companies/organisations who do the ECG Balance Sheet.

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  1. Anonymous

    (Huitchi) Create an international database of ECG companies

    1. Anonymous

      Yes, thats right: Create this databases and make it public and usable in daily life. (Like Karte von morgen) See my proposal for an online-ECG-rating Tool: Re: Promotion of ECG tools

      Helmut Wolman, ECG-Chapter Mannheim (DE),

  2. This database exists already: our Backoffice

  3. Anonymous

    Encouraging the creation of a business mission for the
    1. It is an experience that brings together
    People and companies interested in knowing and accelerating
    the ECG through
    a trip to referring countries in the subject.
    2. Visit the main
    business references, strategic social investment funds,
    startups, academic institutions,
    accelerators and incubators, centers of
    innovation and government entities
    3. It is an opportunity to
    explore from another perspective the ecosystem of
    a country, make yourself known and share
    experiences of economic, social and
    environmental with international pairs.

    Juan Claudio Leiva, cofounder ECG CHILE ASSOCIATION