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The organisational landscape of ECG is diverse and continues to grow.

For better accountability and transparency to a broad public, all all ECG organisations are invited to meet the minimum disclosure requirements expected from the (Germany based) Transparent Civil Society Initiative as a voluntary commitment.

For completeness and overview, the ECG movement is to publish this information assembled on one page.

The Transparent Civil Society Initiative says "Those who work for the common good should nevertheless tell the public what the organisation is aiming for, where the funds come from, how they are used, and who the decision-makers are".

We ask therefore the responsible persons of the various organizations which understand themselves to be working mainly in, with and for the ECG movement and/or to be financing these, to supplement the transparency information below. (Guidelines here).

We also recommend that the ECG-related organisations also become signatories to the Transparent Civil Society Initiative.

This transparency project has started in the German-speaking (DACH) area, but we hope the overview will be extended to the growing organisational landscape outside the German-speaking (DACH) area.

Working Group „Democracy within ECG“ (AG Demokratie in der GWÖ), 15 July 2019

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