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First Steps

  1. Find a group that wants to work towards an Economy for the Common Good and organize an initial meeting.
  2. The group decides to establish a local chapter and starts to meet on a regular basis.
  3. As different interests emerge and the group grows, you create focus teams or work groups, which meet in addition to the monthly local chapter meetings. Examples of such focus teams are:
    1. core team (strategy, communication, team building and on-boarding)
    2. working with businesses 

    3. public education

    4. outreach, public relations

    5. politics, working with your local government

  4. Additional people join the Local Chapter and discover which area they would like to work on.

Some people might prefer to remain less active and only join the general meetings.

Your group might like to create a workshop to use the Dragon Dreaming Method for team building and strategic planning.

Read about ideas on strategy building, communication, team building and on-boarding of new activists.

    5. More possible activities

Annual Reports

Each year we collect reports from all ECG Local Chapters around the world. They are a great source for examples and best practices. You can find the Annual Reports of ECG Local Chapters.