This page shall help you with all kinds of login issues in the various ECG-tools.

Overview on the account types

We have different types of accounts in the ECG. To reduce confusion see the overview here

ECG-AccountEditors Account

The most important account for all our active members.
It contains

... for our Website-editors to login on, to work on our homepage.

The login is same as for ECG-Login.

The user name is (like the ECG-Account) firstName.familyName, but do not mix them up - it has a different password.

Login-Problems in E-Mail-System

In webmail (roundcube)

Problems in may have various causes:

Problem: Passwort expired

Some mail accounts require (for security reasons) to set a new password after some months.
See details in Passwort des GWÖ-Account erneuern ("Reset")

Problem: Login is not possible

In a local Mail-Client

In a local Mail-Client (like Thunderbird, Outlook ...) these issues can occur:


Login is not possible

If you can not login,
→ try to login via webmail (see above)

Problem: Occasionally a Password-Dialog pops up

(Can look different per Mail-Client and type of problem)

Normally the reason is, that a service account's password is expired.
In this case see Passwort des GWÖ-Account erneuern ("Reset").

Login Problems in Wiki

Problem: I can not login

Login-Problems in Datacloud

As Chuck Norris is the gate keeper of the Datacloud you wont run into any trouble here! (tongue)

Login-Problems on the Website

See under Redakteurs-Account