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1Read the Richtlinien zum GWÖ-Account

Subscribe the Privacy Agreement

  • Print out
  • Fill out and subscribe
  • Scan it and save as PDF
3Contact your coordinator
Send an email from your private email-address, that has the Privacy Agreement PDF attached
4The coordinator will request your ECG-Account

The coordinator will forward your mail to bei to confirm

  • your request
  • association
  • LC (local chapter) or SR (supraregional group)

You are a LC-coordinator yourself? Contact Christian Kozina or Gus Hagelberg
You are a SR-coordinator yourself? Contact Manfred Kofranek


Receive you ECG-account and password within a few days at your private email-address

This enables you to use our applications, e.g. login to this wiki

Confirm receipt and initialisation of your GWÖ-Account with your new address
After succesfully logging into the Zimbra Webmail Interface send a  confirmation mail to with CC: to your LC/SR coordinator

(warning) In certain exceptional cases the ECG-account can also be provided to a non-member (e.g. employee or partner-organisation).
Such cases can (only) be approved by

(warning) If you leave the movement or deactivate you email-address, then automatically also the access to all ECG-systems will be deactivated.