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This page shall help you with all kinds of login issues in the various ECG-tools.

Login-Problems in E-Mail-System

In Zimbra

Problems in E-Mail-Programm Zimbra may have various causes:

Problem: Passwort expired

Some mail accounts require (for security reasons) to set a new password after some months.
See details in Das Passwort eines Service-Postfaches ändern

Problem: Login is not possible

Password forgotten?

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In a local Mail-Client

In a local Mail-Client (like Thunderbird, Outlook ...) these issues can occur:


Login is not possible

If you can not login,
→ try to login in Zimbra (see above)

Problem: Occasionally a Password-Dialog pops up

(Can look different per Mail-Client and type of problem)

Normally the reason is, that a service account's password is expired.
In this case see Das Passwort eines Service-Postfaches ändern.

In Sympa

Sympa is using the same username and password as Zimbra (see above).

Login Problems in Wiki

Problem: I can not login

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