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In order that the ECG works well as a global movement, we have set up support services and also certain rules for local chapters.

Local chapters are free to act in their local area as they please, as long as they abide by the ECG Code of Conduct. If their activities could potentially effect other local chapters, ECG Hubs or associations, they need to consult those groups.

These services are currently only available to "active" local chapters with at least five people who are members of an ECG association. For further information please contact International Reception (international@ecogood.org).

Services and Rules

Local chapter title, logo and listing on web page

As an "active" ECG local chapter you can use your chapter's title for public events and publications. You will also receive a logo and your chapter will be listed on our web page.

Local Chapter Website and Email Addresses

Each "active" local chapter can request its own website as a sub page of ecogood.org

"Active" local chapters can also request their own email address (for example: losangeles@list.ecogood.org) and can create one or more email lists (for example: losangeles-members@list.ecogood.org). Local chapter coordinators can create and manage these lists themselves at list.ecogood.org.

General Design Material

"Active" local chapters have access numerous material for flyers, newsletters, business cards, office templates, etc. Find out more under "ECG Material".