This process will soon be updated and 

will shortly be available in English (and German). For other language we have to ask for a bit more patience.

1Read the Rules about using an ECG Account

Read and sign the ECG Privacy Agreement (warning) soon to be replaced, please download shortly prior to signing (warning)

Print, sign and scan the document. Please save it as a PDF file.

4Send the requested information to your Local Chapter or Hub Coordinator
Please include the following information:
  1. Name of the ECG Local Chapter or Hub you belong to
  2. Signed Privacy Agreement
  3. Your private email address
  4. Proof of your membership in an ECG association/legal body

(warning) If you are the coordinator of a Local Chapter or Hub yourself, please send the information to International Reception (for Local Chapters), or Pedro Olazabal (for Hubs)

5The coordinator will apply for your ECG Account

The coordinator sends the above listed information to


Activate your ECG Account

Within a few days you should receive the following:

  1. instructions on how to activate your ECG Account
  2. further onboarding information

(warning) If you can't find the email, please check your spam folder.

(warning) If you require support for the initial login or any other activity, please contact your coordinator.

7Confirm the activation

Please send an email confirming your account activation to your coordinator.


In certain cases an ECG account can also be provided to individuals who are not yet members of an ECG association (legal body)
(for example ECG staff or members of partner organizations)

Such cases must be approved by Gus Hagelberg