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Draft: This page is still in development

This page serves as a platform to exchange best practices within the ECG movement. It refers to the strategic focuses voted upon at the Delegates Assembly 2019.

Click on the relevant focus in the table below which will take you to a page where you can

  • share your best practices
  • tell people your plans and ideas
  • invite people to collaborate 

related to the individual focus. For example, you can share your thoughts about what to do, how to start, who to address, what works well and what not. Keep in mind that this section of the wiki is public.

If possible, please use English language for your comments. This helps to keep the exchange international. Don't forget to include your region and, if applicable, your hub.



Create easier, additional opportunities (to the ECG Balance Sheet) for companies to engage in ethical behaviour and join the movement.


Devise ways to empower employees to move their company towards ECG way of working.

Number of balance sheets

Raise the number of companies and organisations with an ECG Balance Sheet.

Positive recognition

Gain recognition for enterprise, innovation and business activity as a force for the common good.

Promotion of ECG tools

Promote ECG Balance Sheet and tools nationally and internationally...

... as organisational development tools, for evaluation and planning.

... as a comprehensive non-financial reporting tool.

... as a tool to tackle global problems as established by UN in SDGs.

... as a tool for a broader view of the organisational impact on society and the environment and to find allies in the organisation's stakeholders.

Quality and effectiveness

Ensure the quality and effectiveness of the ECG Balance Sheet.


Form and maintain lasting relationships with companies/organisations who do the ECG Balance Sheet.



Promote the use of grassroots democracy.


Promote the ECG Balance Sheet amongst municipalities and raise the number of municipalities with an ECG Balance Sheet.

Policy change

Seek policy change nationally and internationally in order to align with ECG values.

Collaborate with other organisations in order to make non-financial reporting/balance sheets obligatory for all organisations on a legal basis (prove that one fulfils multiple reporting standards with the ECG Balance Sheet).

Collaborate with other organisations to develop an international integrated reporting standard.

Work towards making public procurement and law in line with ECG values.

Propose financial policies for promoting common-good oriented activity.

Sustainable Development Goals

Promote the ECG model as the way to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.



Raise awareness amongst the public...

... about the concept of the Economy for the Common Good (ECG) and its values.

... about economic concepts and their effect on the common good.

... about economic and political interdependencies (reading and learning to create a balance sheet).

... about common good oriented behavior.


Collaborate with other organizations...

... to achieve ECG values.

... to strengthen the voice of people in defining the common good.


Make it easier for consumers to choose more sustainable options.

Education system

Use all levels of the education system to spread the ECG model.

Proof of effect

Prove the effect of the ECG reporting process and other common good activities on society and the economy.

Structure and processes

Make sure that the internal structure and processes of the ECG movement follow the ECG values.


Establish an internal feedback loop.

Please find the voting results and background information on the International Strategy. If you want to support the International Strategy team, we invite you to contact Ralf Wagner