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Due to security concerns, these pages had to be moved to the internal space of the Wiki. However, a high number of international activists can't have access to them yet. That's why we have interrupted the exchange of best practices until there is a technical solution for it.

This page serves as a platform to exchange best practices within the ECG movement. It refers to the strategic focuses voted upon at the Delegates Assembly 2019.

Click on the relevant focus in the table below which will take you to a page where you can

  • share your best practices
  • tell people your plans and ideas
  • invite people to collaborate 

related to the individual focus. For example, you can share your thoughts about what to do, how to start, who to address, what works well and what not. Keep in mind that this section of the wiki is public.

If possible, please use English language for your comments. This helps to keep the exchange international. Don't forget to include your region and, if applicable, your hub.

Please find the voting results and background information on the International Strategy. If you want to support the International Strategy team, we invite you to contact Ralf Wagner

German translation (deutsche Übersetzung)

Lutz Dudek hat eine deutsche Übersetzung der strategischen Schwerpunkte im A4-Format erstellt.