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Sv translation

Be aware that Wik iitself doesn`t the Wiki itself does not know anything about the language you really use when writing any content. The software behind Wiki – Confluernce Confluence – simply provides a structure to shift between two "language" version of osf every page. Each space (Public, General,...) has a defined "original language" and besides the second language.


The title of a page must be explicitly translated into the second language, otherwise the title from the original language will be displayed as the page title.

SpaceSubspaceOriginal Language
ECG GeneralEnglish
Working GroupsEnglish
Overview of Country SpacesEnglish
Österreichno language versions
Deutschlandno language versions
Españano language versions
Franceno language versions
Italiano language versions
Schweizno language versions
América Latinano language versions
Chileno language versions
  • Whenever a new page is created it takes over the original language from it*s mother page. As long as you do not change the displayed language and edit the page content, the original version is the only one. the second language version only provides a hint to change to the original language.
  • As soon as you fill in content in the second language version it will be diaplayedf for everyone who chooses the second language as displayed language.