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Promote the use of sovereign democracy.

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  1. I would prefer another word besides "sovereign" democracy. In the UK and other kingdoms the sovereign is the king or queen.

    What about "direct democracy" or "grassroots democracy" or "participative democracy".

  2. For me"sovereign" is the right word, because in a monarchy the king or queen is the sovereign and in a sovereign democracy the people are the sovereign. In my opinion the difference is clear because in a democracy the leader can never be a king or queen. It is always the people.

    However I have to say that english is not my mother tongue and I do not know how for example british people understand the expression "sovereign democracy".

    1. Anonymous

      In democracy the people are the sovereign. So using the term sovereign democracy is a pleonasm (like burning fire), or?

      I would also prefer another word like Gus suggested.

  3. Anonymous

    I´d like to point out to this, when using the term 'sovereign democracy':

    1. Anonymous

      Thanks for the hint!

  4. In the UK, I would say that the term 'participative democracy' would be easier to relate to than 'sovereign democracy'.

  5. I have added "Promote the method of systemic consensing.", is this the correct translation for "Systemisches Konsensieren"? Because I think this method has a great positive potential to develop our democratic culture.

  6. Anonymous

    We believe that it is a difficult subject to deal with and develop. It is proposed to make a study that gathers worldwide or from some countries of each continent, the experiences of success and failure in relation to this point during the last 10 years: what are they, how, when were they carried out ?; had positive or negative results? Are they still valid or have they been modified? which of these apply effectively in the theoretical and practical framework of the ecg?

    Juan Claudio Leiva, ECG CHILE ASSOCIATION

  7. I would like my suggestion discussed by the delegates and not been deleted before it is rejected from them.