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Raise awareness amongst the public about 

  1. economic concepts and their effect on the common good
  2. economic and political interdependancies (reading and learning to create a balance)
  3. common good oriented behaviour

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  1. .. how the current economic powers affect the common good

    ... how business models and ways of making business work and how they affect the common good

  2. add introduction: let many people know the concept of ecg.
    (Often it's not known. We need to be reflected and discussed in public!)

    1. Anonymous

      GWÖ/ECG values and measuring has to be an item in schoolbooks and lessons. It is incredible, that economics today still cares only about growth, money!... example from the EU: no common sense about harmonizing taxes since decades and now internet tax for the big digital groups in order to protect domestic companiesin exporting their products (cars etc...) to where the digital groups have their main base.  Wrong way - society has to be aware of and to appeal about.
      There has to be a big change in society and politics as well...
      BB, GWÖ-ERW (Ennepe, Ruhr & Wupper)

  3. Anonymous

    the 3 points seem to be in a diffuse context, so it is necessary to take these 3 ideas to a plane of greater clarity with more specific objectives and proposals to be developed efficiently and effectively.
    It is proposed the creation of a work team that addresses this issue and develops it in depth.

    Juan Claudio Leiva, ECG CHILE ASSOCIATION

  4. Anonymous

    testcomment (Petra)