The process of establishing an ECG Local Chapter (LC) begins when a new group sends the application "Application for Creating a new Local Chapter" to International Reception ( You will find this form and more helpful information under "Start a new Local Chapter".

To complete the process, the following steps must be completed.

(*The steps marked with * only apply to "active" local chapters.)


By whom?

  • The application checked for completeness and uploaded to the Wiki
    (the association the LC is linked to must be listed in the Application as official, "active" LC)
  • The responsible person in the Local Chapter Support Team is informed, he/she checks application and confirms within 14 days. If confirmation or rejection, or a status report is not received in 14 days, the application is considered approved by International Reception.
  • If an ECG association exists in the LC's country, the LC must be assigned to that association.

Currently (January 2021) not all members of ECG Associations are listed in our membership database (SmartWe). For LCs in countries where the members are in SmartWe (such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy), it is checked in the ECG whether the persons listed in the applications are members. This is not done in other countries because the information is not available. In these cases the application can be approved anyway.

Only LCs whose members are in the membership database receive their own website from our Web Team.

International Reception

  • Local Chapter added or updated in SmartWe
  • Link to ECG Association created in SmartWe
  • LC Coordinators added in SmartWe

International Reception

  • Inform Gus so he can add or update Local chapters on

(*since May 2020 runs through extra export/import from SmartWe to Maps on Website)

Gus Hagelberg

Active LC receives an email address, such as

  • International Reception asks to create the email address.
  • IT Hubs informs IR when email address finished and IR adds address to SmartWe
  • International Reception informs LC about how to set up mailbox. More under Setting up your mail client..

(*only for "active" LCs)

International Reception

International Reception

  • Logo ordered (at, after delivery it is uploaded to the Wiki and the LC is informed.

(*only for "active" LCs)

International Reception
  • Send confirmation email and welcome letter sent to LC and responsible person in LC Support Team.
International Reception
UpdatesLocal Chapters need to inform International Reception about changes to their information such as new Web addresses or new coordinatorsLocal Chapter