Request an ECG Account

Please fill out the form below. If you have problems filling out the form, please contact IT - Support and

Did the submission of the form fail?

If the form returns an error message there are one or more reasons:

  • there is no database entry with your first name and last name
  • the birthdate is missing in your database entry
  • there are several entries with the same names and birthdates

Please check first if the birthdate in your account request form is correct. If yes, please send a screenshot with your entries in the form to IT - Support.

If the database doesn't contain an entry with your data we will inform you and offer the following solution:

  • you sign in as a subscriber (the process does not create a legal membership and has financial obligations for you)
  • immediately after having sent the form you will be able to use the online process or account application
  • please send us an additional confirmation of your membership in a legal ECG association

What happens next?

The IT support team will check your application regarding membership in a legal association and your activity in the movement. You will receive a notification of the sucessful account setup or about additional requirements.

Within a few days you should receive a mail (to your private mail address) with informations, how to activate your account.

Why do i not receive the confirmation mail?

It might have considered as SPAM (or junk or bulk) by your mail-provider.
So please check your according SPAM folder and eventually correct the classification accordingly.

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