This page shall help you with all kinds of login issues in the various ECG-tools.

Overview on the account types

We have different types of accounts in the ECG. To reduce confusion see the overview here

ECG-AccountECG-Service AccountDjango Editor AccountSmartWe Account

The most important account for all our active members.
It contains

The Service account is a functional account for different functions within ECG. Sometimes more than one person share access to this account.

This account may only be used to login to Webmail, Datacloud and our mailing list management tool (

Please DON'T use it to login into our Wiki or any other tool.

... for our Django-Website-editors to login on

The user name is firstName.familyName (like the ECG-Account).
However, do not mix them up - the password you set there,
is independent from your ECG-Account password

The membership database accounts are also independent from your ECG-Account.

Find more on SmartWe - Request access

Login-Problems - general

Atention: with a service Account like you can not login in tools like wiki or Jira, this type of account will be only accepted for webmail and datacloud!

Case sensitive

Some login dialogs are case sensitive and have to be lower case (vorname.nachname)
So a login with Vorname.Nachname would not work.

User name versus mail address

You need to know that

  • vorname.nachname is you user name
  • is your mail address

In most tools you can login only with your user name.
So a login with would not work.

In some tools both user name and mail address are possible.

In few tools you can login only with your mail address.
So a login with vorname.nachname would not work.

So if you can not login to a tool with user name, try to login with mail address (and vice versa).

Try to login in another tool

When you have problems logging in to a tool, always try to login

  • in another tool
  • in the webmail

So lets assume you can not login to the wiki, then verify, if you can login to the datacloud and to webmail.

If both is possible, then probably the wrong password is used.

If only webmail is possible, then try a password reset (Choosing a new password - The password reset process)

Make my browser stored password visible

Your Browser shows you these black bullets, but you are not sure, if this is the correct password?

If for some reason your login already shows some dots for a password, before you started typing, then most probably your browser has stored it.
If you want to see this password in clear text, you can right click it and open the HTML view:

Once you replace here the "type" from "password" to any other value (or completely remove it), the password is displayed:

Don't worry:
This is only visible, as long you have this page open. When you reload it, it is invisible again.

Find more in the web:

Login-Problems in E-Mail-System

In webmail (roundcube)

Problems in may have various causes:

Problem: Passwort expired

Some mail accounts require (for security reasons) to set a new password after some months.
See details in Choosing a new password - The password reset process

Problem: Login is not possible

In a local Mail-Client

In a local Mail-Client (like Thunderbird, Outlook ...) these issues can occur:


Login is not possible

If you can not login,
→ try to login via webmail (see above)

Problem: Occasionally a Password-Dialog pops up

(Can look different per Mail-Client and type of problem)

Normally the reason is, that a service account's password is expired.
In this case see Passwort des GWÖ-Account erneuern ("Reset").

Login Problems in Wiki

Problem: I can not login

  • Enter only vorname.nachname:

    ... do not enter the Domain
  • Try to login to your e-mail (as it is using the same account)

Login-Problems for mailing lists

The former System "Sympa" doesn't exist anymore. That's the reason why you cannot login anmore into that system.

As a replacement there exists a webbased management tool (mlmmj-light-web-ecg) for the new mailing list system (mlmmj). uses same login credentials - username and password of ECG-Accounts - as for other IT services (like: mail, datacloud, wiki, ...).

However, we repetetly have cases where users report login-problems specifically on, whereas they do not have any login-problems for all other IT services (like: mail, datacloud, wiki, ...).

This might be related to the lenght of the password or usage of special characters within the password (like 'ß' or german Umlaute 'ä, ö, ü') which are handled differently by and lead to failed login attempts.

If this is the case try shortening and/or changing your ECG-Account password, to see if this solves your login-problems at

A corresponding COREIT-ticket exists ( COREIT-551 - Getting issue details... STATUS ) and is being worked on.

Login-Problems in Datacloud

As Chuck Norris is the gate keeper of the Datacloud you wont run into any trouble here! (tongue)

Login-Problems on the Django-Website

See under Redakteurs-Account