The structure of our organisation is based upon one our main values such as transparency and co-determination. It is composed of like-minded individuals, groups and organisations that relate to each other in different ways and contribute their unique skills towards a common goal.

  • Delegates Assembly: The movement’s international decision-making body comprising of representatives across all Local Chapters and Hubs.
  • ECG Management Team (EMT): The management team is composed of representatives of the legal and operational parts of the organisation.
  • International Federation (IF): The IF is the umbrella organisation of the ECG. ECG national associations are members of the IF.
  • Federation Members Council (FMC): The FMC consists of representatives of the ECG national associations. It manages and decides, among others, on the legal issues.
  • Hubs: Hubs are permanent groups dedicated to specific topics such as consulting, auditing, communication, education and public speaking.
  • Local Chapters: Local Chapters form the backbone of our movement. Activists work to help implement ECG through organizing local events, contacting businesses and creating networks.

  • ECG Companies: Companies that have completed their Common Good Balance Sheet, Audit and/or peer-evaluation.
  • ECG Advocates: Well-known experts and entrepreneurs who support the model and initiative of ECG and speak to the general public and media on behalf of the movement.
  • Partner organisations: Private and public institutions with similar vision that collaborate in numerous initiatives on issues around new economy, global justice, climate justice and more.

On the left side (green) there are Local Chapters and Hubs, which are represented by the yearly Delegates Assembly. On the right side (blue) you can see the legal entities like the regional and national associations, or the International Federation (IF). Operational tasks are taken over by the ECG Management Team (EMT).

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