Matrix 5.1.

Workbook 5.1 completed 

For the last months MDT worked intensively on completing the new version 5.1 of the matrix. 

The new workbook 5.1 is completed and has been handed over to the communications hub for layout. 

The translations will be organized nationally. If you are interested, please contact: Estrellita García 

If you want to help to translate the Workbook into German, be part of the reading-Teams.

Simultaneously, MDT Editors are preparing training materials for consultants and auditors in preparation for the matrix's official launch.
This internal launch is anticipated for end April and we will go public with it probably in October. 

The release of Matrix 5.1 and workbook is advancing quickly.

The MDT team has heard your feedback about the communication around the transition to V5.1, and we want to thank you for letting us know!

We understand that there have been some challenges, like:

  • Consultants not having enough time to prepare for questions about the changes.
  • Difficulty getting up to speed on the new version.
  • Needing to update a lot of materials at once.(Training materials for new consultants) and IT infrastructure (e.g. Audit-Tool)
  • A feeling of being out of the loop on the MDT's progress.
  • Confusion about when the audit for V5.0 ends and V5.1 starts.

We appreciate your patience as we work through these issues!

The MDT team has limited resources, but we're committed to making this transition as smooth as possible. Here are a few ways we can all work together:

  • Stay informed with internal resources: We have a lot of great information available on the WIKI, including the regularly updated Workbook Working Version, meeting minutes, project websites, and announcements for upcoming training courses. Be sure to check out the Seedlinks newsletter for updates as well! Please check at our new-page regulary 
  • Remember, we're an international hub: English is our working language to ensure everyone has access to the information. We still respect different national priorities and try to find common ground in our decisions, even if we can't incorporate every suggestion.
  • We focus on providing adaptable resources: The MDT delivers resources that can be adjusted to fit specific national or regional needs. If you have questions about adapting materials or have resources relevant to our work, please reach out to us at

We're all in this together, and by working as a team, we can make sure the transition to V5.1 is a success!

The goal of this iteration was to incorporate feedback, prepare processes for a digital workbook, and to improve the reporting template. 

The main changes in the updated version of the ECG standard are as follows:

  • Terminology: The terms "company" and "firm" have been replaced with "organisation" throughout the standard. This is to make the standard more inclusive and to reflect the fact that not all organizations are profit-making entities.
  • Clarity and consistency: The language of the standard has been made more clear and consistent throughout, and some of the questions have been rephrased for better understanding.
  • Life cycle perspective: The importance of considering the entire life cycle of a product or service, from raw materials to disposal, has been emphasized throughout the standard. This is to ensure that organizations take into account the environmental and social impacts of their entire operations.
  • New topics: Several new topics have been added to the standard, including biodiversity, circularity and cradle to cradle, eco-efficiency and eco-effectiveness, and sufficiency.
  • Verification indicators: Verification indicators have been added to some of the aspects of the standard to help organizations assess their performance more accurately.

The team will provide material that explains the changes. This is planned for the end of April.

  1. Ideation Process (IDP):



a) New Ideas are discussed


b) Decision of the editors if they are going to implement the idea is taken


c) What needs to be done is clear, outlined and planned


2. Implementation Process (IMP): 



a) Editors enter their changes in the internal database 


3. Release Process (REP): 


a) Work of the review team

SEPT - NOV 2023


b) Fine-tuning in English & translation into German, Spanish and Italian.

APRIL 2024


c) Creation of the JSON in English, so that all online tools have the same content as in the manual. (esp. eCalculator by Michael and Wordpress reporting template by Roland)

APRIL 2024


d) Layout for print

APRIL 2024


e) Publication of layouted versions on the web (websites?)

APRIL 2024

f) Webbinars for consultants / audit (sessions for Q&A)

APRIL / MAY 2024



Engagement on CSRD Reporting Strategy

A diverse group of stakeholders is actively involved in developing and presenting a strategy for the ECG to implement the new European regulation (CSRD Reporting). 
This strategy will address the integration or alignment of the Matrix with CSRD Reporting and other future sustainability reporting frameworks. 
Once this strategy is finalized, agreed upon by stakeholders, and approved by the ECG, the MDT will commence work on the next Version of the Matrix: 6.0.

Matrix 6.0

Work on 6.0 is scheduled to begin mid 2024.

Further Improvements to the matrix are planned, including major changes to the scoring system and an CSRD alignment.

Currently, we are awaiting the strategic decision (planned for mid-March). The team also needs new members and resources in order to be able to handle the large workload.

In the meantime, we are internally gearing up for the new work phase: improving our processes and team structure.

Possibilities for Feedback 

How to give feedback

  • In principle: we ask for feedback that is as concrete as possible and also names the subject area/chapter+section so that it can be assigned to the editor. If there are requests for changes, it would also be helpful to have suggestions for improvement. 

Please use this FORM to give specific Feedback and help us improve the Matrix. 

      • Email for general issues:
      • Online meetings are convened as needed on specific topics and issues. Experts with expertise in the various topics can contact the MET and will be invited to the meetings.
      • Exchange meeting for auditors/editors/consultants: DACH network meeting: may 16th-18th 2024 - international network meeting planned for autumn 2024

Support and Collaboration 

We are looking for people who want to actively contribute to the Matrix Development Team. 
Either as editor in charge of a topic or to edit complementary topics. 

In general, the following competencies are necessary for the collaboration in the MDT : 

  • broad knowledge of the ECG Matrix 
  • experience in applying the ECG Matrix 
  • fluent English
  • good communication skills
  • team player
  • familiar in using digital tools
  • experience in managing / working in projects

If you are interested, please contact us

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