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Video: ECG Wiki - Using the Wiki from Economy for the Common Good (13 min.)

To use the Wiki you will need an ECG Account: Apply for an ECG Account

Purpose of Wiki

Basic purpose of Wiki (collaboration, collecting important movement information in one spot.

Datacloud (Nextcloud): Mostly for file sharing.


  • Public
  • ECG General
  • Hubs
  • Working Groups
  • Country Spaces



How to create new profile page with a to do list and personalized menu.

  • You can use your “Personal Space” to created your own links and to do list.
  • If you don’t have a “Personal Space” yet, click your profile image at the top right and choose “”Add personal space…”
  • Choose “create” at the bottom
  • Click the lock symbol at the very top and choose “Viewing and editing restricted” and click “Apply” (now only you have access to this page)

Settings: Site Homepage, Email

Configure Sidebar on Personal Space Page

Finding Pages

Search or Page Tree

Watching Pages


GR - recent pages

E - Edit

Strg-S or command-S = Save

Creating and Editing Pages

Where to save pages

Moving and copying pages. View in Hierarchy

"Page Header"



Adding files and images



Restrictions (viewing and editing)

Exporting Pages


  • Table of Content (Page-Header)
  • Task and List of Tasks
  • List of Labeled Pages
  • Expand
  • Info Box
  • Date
  • user mention
  • Page Properties (example: Overview table from PPM)

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