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titleClick here to expand: special Special rules for enterprise business memberships

The owner of an ECG account has always to must be a natural person. We do not set up accounts for businesses or organisations as such. The account will be set up for the person or persons who are is the contact person of a the business or organisation with an activated membership in a legal which is a member of an ECG association. The person applying for the account does not have to be a member of an ECG association.

It is possible to set up accounts for several contact persons of a single enterprise if they are active in the ECG movement and may have this confirmed by a coordinator of a local chapter or a ECG hub. If they leave the enterprise their account need to be transferred to a personal membership account or is discontinued.

A new online application form is now available in English (and German). (warning) Other languages are in the works


Thanks for your patience!

You can use the form if the following conditionss conditions are met: 

  • there must be exactly one unique entry for you in the international federations member administration system SmartWeECG database "SmartWe"
  • your database entry has to contain the same date of birth birthdate you fill into the webform "Ecg_account-request"form below. The database entry may be checked and edited by the membership administration of your ECG organzation unitassociation

The IT support team will check your application regarding membership in a legal association and your activity in the movement. You will receive a notification of the sucessful account setup or we will tell you additional requirements.


If sending


the form

(see next chapter) fails?

below does not work

titleclick here to expand

If the form returns an error message it has there are one ore or more of this reasons:

  • there is no database entry with your first name and last name
  • the birth date birthdate is missing in the datasetyour database entry
  • there are several entries with the same names AND birth date.and birthdates

Please check first if the birth date birthdate in your account request form is correct. If yes, plesa please send a screenshot with your entries o in the form to IT

If the database doesn't contain an entry with your data we will inform you and offer the following workaroundsolution:

  • you sign in as a subscriber (the process does not found create a legal membership and no has financial duties obligations for you)
  • immidiately immediately after having sent the form you are will be able to use the online process or account application
  • please send us an additional confirmation of your membership in a legal ECG association


2) we stopped the application of the former manual process which required much more work for the IT support team!