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Here you will find an overview of the goals and methods of the movement. We would like to give you a feeling of what it means to work in the ECG.

To become part of the common good movement, you should check whether your ideas and goals match those of the movement.


We have set out to transform today's economic system into an ethical market economy. Take a look at our vision on our website.

Values and Principles

An essential component of the ECG is the basic principles of cooperation and the values on which they are based:

  • Human dignity
  • Solidarity
  • Ecological sustainability
  • Social justice
  • Democratic co-determination and transparency

Respecting and protecting these values results in a certain attitude towards others. A practical guideline that illustrates the benefits and concrete application of the values is the Code of Conduct.

We recommend that you reflect on your actions inside and outside the movement and compare them with the principles of the Code of Conduct. This facilitates living and working together, increases our efficiency and protects us from internal conflict and frustrating interactions.

In addition, we always keep our common goal in mind.

Active participation - what does that mean?

Joining and participating in a one of the many ECG groups requires resources and your will to develop and grow with the group. You should ask yourself:

  • Am I curious about the movement and the people who make it up?
  • Do I have the openness to get to know new structures and to reflect on my personality and my actions?
    You should regularly compare your activities within the ECG (but also otherwise) with our basic principles.
  • Do I have time resources and if so, how many hours can/will I use per week?
    This question is not intended to fix you on a fixed number of hours, but simply to make you realize that both the onboarding process and commitment in the group take time.
  • Where are my strengths and in which areas could and do I want to contribute?
    You know your strengths, weaknesses, wishes and goals best.
    If you can formulate these, with the support of the group, you will quickly find a suitable field of activity in which you can realize yourself and make a valuable contribution.

Concrete organizational steps

If you share the goals and methods of the movement and would like to become involved in the ECG, then

get active

become actively involved in the movement, e.g. in a local chapter, an association or a hub (find out more on our website)

become a memberbecome a member and support the movement (online registration)
or both, become an "active" memberapply for your ECG account here and get access to our software tools

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