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You want the ECG idea to become reality? And you want to start with it in your region? Then you've come to the right place!

The establishment of a Local Chapter is tantamount to bringing the ECG seeds into the region. It concerns to bring together with other humans locally the vision of the Common Good Economy on the soil. Whether this happens in companies, in communities, in schools, or privately among citizens*,  does not matter - the main thing is that the region is developing in the direction of the ECG.

Everything you do locally to increase the common good is positive. There are no orders "from above", but support offers which facilitate the work: e.g. regular information about current developments within the ECG, the cross-linking with other local chapters, the supply of infrastructure and information material, the integration into decision processes, the creation of a financial and legal basis, the active promotion of the development locally as well as the switching of contacts.

Step 1: Local Chapter "under development"

  1. Two or more people want to start a local chapter.
    Check out our website under Community > Local Chapters: Is there already a local chapter in your region? If so, contact us. If not, become active yourself!
  2. Become ECG members.
    Assign yourself to an ECG association and become a member there, simply via our website under Get involved > Membership.
    (If there is no suitable association in your country, please contact
  3. Two people in your group become members of an ECG association, fill out the Application for Creating a Local Chapter "under development"  and send it to International Reception (
  4. You will receive the status "Local Chapter under Development".
    From now on you will appear on the international ECG website under Community > Local Chapters.

Step 2: Local Chapter "Active"

  1. Find more people to join your group.
    Organize a meeting for people who want to participate. Refer to this Wiki to find out more about developing your local chapter such as "Using the Dragon Dreaming Method", "Strategy", "Communication", "Team building", and "Adding new members".
  2. At least three additional people in your group become members of an ECG association.
  3. Five of your ECG members fill out the Application for Recognition as a Local Chapter "active" and send it to the International Reception (
    This can be done three months after your group was first recognized as a local chapter "under  development". Your local chapter needs two coordinators.
  4. You will receive the status "Active Local Chapter".
    From now on you will appear as a local chapter on the international ECG website under Community > Local Chapters.
  5. Your "Active Local Chapter" also now has access to certain ECG services.

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