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It's a pleasure to welcome you to our global movement. The ECG is a large and complex organization with members and activists across the world. There are various offices and staff and a whole bunch of volunteers out there working to make our vision become reality.

Our network of local chapters is the core of our movement. Here citizens, activists, students, politicians and businesses help spread the seeds to make our movement grow.

Below you will find out how to create a local chapter and make it a viable and powerful part of our movement. Or go here to learn more about the work of the individual local chapters (login required). Or check out these videos.

Getting involved in a Local Chapter

Starting a new Local Chapter

Start a new Local Chapter

How to set up a local chapter in your city?


Coordination and Support Team

How are chapters coordinated and integrated into the global movement?


Services and Rules

What services are available to Local Chapters and what rules apply to them?


First Steps for your Chapter

How can we build a stronger chapter?


Wiki Pages for Chapters

This is where local chapters document their own work. (ECG login needed.)